The Trump Effect in Action: Dutch Defeat Their Authoritarian Racist Nationalist

The Dutch have provided an example to American voters who will get another chance to say no to their authoritarian racist nationalist in the Midterms

Steve King Says ‘We Can’t Restore Our Civilization With Somebody Else’s Babies’

Steve King tweeted that "culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

Americans Are More Than The Language They Speak

Stephane Hessel, who inspired #Occupy and the Arab Spring, wrote that "no one is ever just 'French' or 'German.'" Or American?

Republican Fascists Want Pledge of Allegiance in English Only

If you want to hear one of the craziest things to come out of a Republican mouth this week, it’s the Republican objection to anyone reading the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. This apparently deplorable display of patriotism took place on March 18 during National Foreign Language Week, of all things. read more

Extremist Conservatives Echo The Dangerous Movements of Decades Past

There is a gross misconception among the people and pundits alike that extremism in the Republican Party is limited to one wing of the conservative movement.

Backlash Pushes Oklahoma To Look For Ways To Fix Anti-AP History Bill

Facing public pressure, Republican lawmaker Dan Fisher is rewriting a bill that would have cut off funding for AP U.S. History courses.

It’s Time to Call the Republican Spade a Spade Instead of a Spoon

For years, the Republican Party has tried, and succeeded, in brainwashing their base to believe that Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are Nazis.

A Party Gone Mad – Today’s Republicans are Yesterday’s Fascists

You shouldn't have to be a liberal to think fascism is a bad thing. Republicans should think so too, and once upon a time, they did. But those Republicans aren't in power anymore.

Gun Nuts to Build 2,000 Acre Citadel in Idaho’s American Redoubt

How do America's most extreme gun enthusiasts want to live? You'll soon get to find out as they build their own city in the mountains of Idaho