Native Americans

WATCH: Fox’s Jesse Watters Claims US Didn’t Steal Land From Native Americans, “We Won it on the Battlefield”

Over the weekend, Rep. Cori Bush (MO) noted that not all Americans feel the same way about the 4th of…

1 year ago

Native American Health Center Received Body Bags When They Asked for Coronavirus Supplies

A Native American health center requested supplies to help them fight Coronavirus but the government sent them body bags instead.…

3 years ago

Native American Tribes Sue U.S. Treasury to Stop Coronavirus Relief from Going to Corporations

Six Native American tribes––including the Tulalip Tribes and the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation in Washington State. The Akiak…

3 years ago

There to save, not to kill: U.S. survivor recalls D-Day bloodshed

Seventy-five years ago, 19-year-old Charles Shay leapt off a U.S. landing boat and into chest-deep water just off the Normandy…

3 years ago

Report: Warren Wants Native Americans Included in Slavery Reparations

The Hill is reporting this morning that Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has announced that Native Americans…

4 years ago

Oil Industry Unleashes Attack Dogs and Pepper Spray on Native American Protestors

“This demolition is devastating. These grounds are the resting places of our ancestors and cannot be replaced."

6 years ago

Republican In Uproar Over Prohibition On Giving Native American Land To Foreign Corporations

Our holy land, was put under the care of the U.S. government, and because of its ecological and cultural integrity,…

7 years ago

President Obama’s Bold Step Stops Arctic Oil Drilling

In one fell swoop, the President took a concrete step to reduce all current and future threats to the Arctic…

7 years ago

Bryan Fischer Melts Down as He Confronts Reality That We Are a Nation of Immigrants

According to Fischer, you're a native American if you're born here but if you're a native American you're an immigrant…

8 years ago

Kansas’ Kobach Warns Immigration Action Leads To Ethnic Cleansing and Socialism

According to one angry racist Republican, the start of ethnic cleansing is when an African American President takes executive action…

8 years ago