Opinion: The House and Europe Versus Trump and the Barbarians

When the House of Representatives and Europe issue a joint statement condemning Donald Trump and the world's dark forces, you know something is terribly wrong in America.

Republicans Demand Trump Disclose Private Agreements With Putin

Trump Calls Himself a Very Stable Genius Who Believes In NATO

President Donald Trump once again proclaimed himself to be a “stable genius” and said “I believe in NATO” at an impromptu press conference after the NATO summit in Brussels had concluded.  He spoke to international reporters in Brussels around noon local time Thursday and not only surprised the media people with his comments but also took some tough questions. read more

Trump Attacks Germany At NATO Meeting and Merkel Fires Back

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked Germany for being a “captive” of Russia in abrasive comments that took many people by surprise.  All the leaders of Western Europe are in Brussels for a NATO summit where there has been an uneasy expectation that Trump was coming to the summit to cause trouble. He has been saying for months that he wants Europeans to pay more for military defense and the U.S. burden is too great. read more

EU Official Warns America That Trump Is Costing The US Allies

Real evidence that Trump is burning decades-old bridges came from the comments from a senior EU official days before Trump meets with NATO allies.

The AP reported:
On the eve of a NATO summit meant to showcase the West’s unity and resolve to counter Russia, European Council President Donald Tusk directed a remark at Trump, saying “it is always worth knowing who is your strategic friend and who is your strategic problem.” read more

Appalled NATO Allies Call Dinner With Trump “A Total Sh*tshow”

NATO allies were so appalled after Trump winged his remarks at a behind closed doors dinner that sources described the event as a "total sh*tshow."

Former Russia Ambassador Says Moscow Is ‘Laughing’ At The U.S. Under Trump

Not only did the Russians successfully interfere in last year's presidential election to help Trump become president, but now they are successfully shaping U.S. policy in their favor.

Trump Leaves World Leaders In Disbelief By Refusing To Commit To Paris Climate Accord

Deciding whether to protect the environment or uphold some empty campaign rhetoric is a no-brainer for everybody but Donald Trump.

WH Denies Billing Germany for NATO. Trouble is, WH is as Dishonest as it is Stupid

Trump wants us to believe he didn't bill Germany, but he also said he was holding meetings until it turned out he was golfing this weekend.

Nebraska Republican Says ‘I Don’t Really Understand What Motivates the President’

"If he had nothing personally to do with Russia, he should care deeply about saying...I want the exhaustive investigation to clear the deck"

Rex Tillerson Dodging First Meeting With Our NATO Allies and Flying to Moscow Instead

“Comey/Rogers JUST spent 8 hrs detailing how Russia tried to hack US election….Tillerson on a mission to make nice w/ Moscow.”

Opinion: Trump’s Moronic Lies – Germany Doesn’t Owe America Vast Sums of Money

"[Trump] keeps saying that ‘we’ need to be paid by the Europeans for the fact that we have troops in Europe or provide defense there. But that’s not how it works."

Democrat Adam Schiff Tells Trump To Stop Treating NATO Like a Protection Racket

"Glad you think it was great, @POTUS. Would have been greater if you didn't treat NATO like protection racket, or allies like deadbeats"

NATO Ambassador Schools Trump After President Humiliates Himself In Front Of The World

Donald Trump was schooled by a former NATO ambassador after he humiliated himself by showing that he doesn't know how NATO works.

Opinion: Sick Of Russians, John McCain Says Rand Paul “Now Working For Vladimir Putin”

“You are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin…trying to dismember this small country. If they object, they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of Vladimir Putin."

Trump’s Amateurish White House Thinks Poland Invaded Belarus

Trump was not the least bit interested in news about Russian incursions into Ukraine, which are anything but the product of overheated White House imaginations.

Is The RNC Officially In Bed With Putin and Trump?

"Donald Trump changed the Republican platform to become what some experts would regard as pro-Russian” and Republicans are silent.

Trump’s Deep Financial Ties To Russia Inform His Allegiance To Putin

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

Joe Biden Slams Donald Trump: ‘He Knows Nothing About Foreign Policy’

Joe Biden, Donald Trump

Trump’s repeated comments about Russia would be puzzling but inconsequential if he was still hosting a reality show or driving casinos into the ground. The fact that he is running to be commander-in-chief makes them reckless and irresponsible.