Opinion: If We Ignore Trump, Might He Not Just Go Away?

In the early evening of last November 5, two days after the election when mail-in votes were in the process…

1 year ago

Dr. Deborah Birx: New Coronavirus Spikes Are Like “Three New Yorks”

Dr. Deborah Birx has warned that new Coronavirus outbreaks in some southern states are serious and compared them to devastating…

1 year ago

Joe Biden: “We Have to Make Our Democracy” Function While Fighting the Pandemic

Joe Biden says the presidential election must take place in spite of fighting Coronavirus. The former Vice President stressed that…

2 years ago

Two New Polls on International Women’s Day Show Changing Attitudes Toward the Global #MeToo Movement

The majority of people in the United States thinks that the #MeToo movement has helped address the important issue of…

4 years ago

Trump Calls On Congress to Investigate NBC for Reporting Russian Attack

Of all issues implicated by Russian spy measures, Trump's top priority for intel committees is a congressional investigation into NBC.

5 years ago

Eichenwald Gives Voice to Our Horror: ‘That’s it. America is done. We stand 4 nothing’

"This is the moment. Right now. I feel like we have descended into a fantasy world. Trump will be producing…

5 years ago

Donald Trump Will Remain A Producer, Continue To Profit From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Alone, this news would be shocking, but this type of thing is the norm for the incoming president.

5 years ago

Conservative Newspaper Joins The Chorus Calling For James Comey to Resign

F.B.I. directors are supposed to be above politics, not in them. Mr. Comey has to do the right thing -…

5 years ago

Patriotic Millionaires Slam Matt Lauer’s Epic Fail and Call On NBC to Redeem Itself

Patriotic Millionaire Chair Morris Pearl slammed Matt Lauer's performance in a statement and called on NBC to redeem itself with…

5 years ago

NBC’s Katy Tur Had to be Protected by Secret Service after Donald Trump Attacked Her

NBC News' Katy Tur had to be protected by the Secret Service after Donald Trump called her out, pointing his…

5 years ago

Hillary Clinton Perfectly Explains Why Trump’s GOP Opponents Couldn’t Beat Him And How She Will

"He can run a campaign of insults. I'm running a campaign of issues that are going to produce results for…

6 years ago

Irresponsible Mainstream Media Refuses to Call Donald Trump a Racist

The media keeps playing dumb by asking Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump is a racist.…

6 years ago

Times Editorial Mocks ‘Daffy’ Republican Debate Demands While NBC Grabs its Ankles

The response of the mainstream media to Republican debate demands is varied, from the Times' mocking to NBC's offer to…

6 years ago

Glenn Beck Wants to Host a GOP Debate and Bill O’Reilly Hopes They Let Him

Glenn Beck offers to give the RNC what it wants: a debate in the form of a Republican infomercial, free…

6 years ago

Pressure Grows On NBC As 115,000+ Sign Petition Demanding SNL Dump Trump

The petition to have NBC dump Donald Trump as the host of the November 7 episode of SNL is spreading…

6 years ago

You’re Fired: NBC Finally Dumps Donald Trump

Public pressure finally became too much for NBC as the network finally did the right thing and dumped Donald Trump…

7 years ago

NBC Tries To Destroy MSNBC By Shipping Brian Williams Off To The Struggling Cable Channel

It looks like NBC is intentionally trying to destroy MSNBC as the network has demoted Brian Williams from evening news…

7 years ago

Survey: Americans Prefer A Gay President Over An Evangelical

It turns out that not only are Americans not the least bit enamored at the prospect of an evangelical fanatic…

7 years ago

While Media Obsesses About Foreign Donors, Bill Clinton Defends Clinton Foundation’s Work

In an exclusive interview with NBC News' Cynthia McFadden, Bill Clinton defended the Clinton Foundation's work.

7 years ago

Hillary Announcement: A Sour Sunday For The Right

The surfeit of Republican hand-wringing has begun. Hillary is officially running for president with her online announcement. Yes, THAT Hillary.…

7 years ago

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