Brainwashed Child At Trump Rally Appears To Confuse Trump And God

Brainwashed Child At Trump Rally Appears To Confuse Trump And God

At Donald Trump's rally for alleged sexual predator Charles Herbster, a little girl was asked what she like best about…

1 year ago

Nebraska Governor Threatens to Withhold Coronavirus Relief from Cities Mandating Masks

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R) has threatened to withhold federal coronavirus relief funds from cities and country governments mandating that…

3 years ago

Trump Just Declared That Iowa And Nebraska Are No Longer Part Of The United States

An out of control Trump declared Iowa and Nebraska to be their own countries in a moment that showed how…

5 years ago

Hillary Clinton Tries To Run Up The Score On Trump With Nebraska Rally

Clinton’s appearance in Omaha is also a sign that she is fighting for every last electoral vote.

7 years ago

Nebraska Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto And Ends Death Penalty In The State

Nebraska's legislature voted to repeal the death penalty on a 30-19 vote on Wednesday, overriding Governor Ricketts' veto.

8 years ago

Nebraska Senator Stalls Gun Bill To Avoid Arming LGBT Military Spouses

Nebraska tabled a bill that would have extended conceal and carry to military spouses, because the law could apply to…

9 years ago

Oklahoma and Nebraska Marijuana Sales in Colorado are Against Foreign Laws, So Stop it!

Red States Nebraska and Oklahoma incredibly claim federal law trumps state law, and that foreign laws are more important than…

9 years ago

Neighboring States Suing Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization

Republican Attorneys General from Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado for its law legalizing marijuana.

9 years ago

The Republican Party Has Become a Haven For All Forms of Right Wing Extremism

The Pew survey should disabuse Americans of the notion that the teabagger or Republican movements are not havens for right…

9 years ago