Mark Cuban Destroys Fox News Clinton Lies, Calls Trump a ‘Master of Headline Porn’

Cuban told FBN's Neil Cavuto, "Donald has done a great job of setting the agenda for the media. The guy is a master of headline porn."

Ben Carson’s Use of Fake Jefferson Quote Reveals His Distance from Founding Ideals

Ben Carson repeatedly used a quote he attributed to Thomas Jefferson to justify his gun position. Unfortunately for Carson, Jefferson said no such thing.

Fox News Cuts The Mic Of A Liberal Who Tells The Truth About the Obama Scandals

What happens when a liberal tries to discuss the facts of the Obama scandals on Fox News? He gets his mic cut off.

Romney Completely Implodes and Claims Americans Like to Pay Taxes

Mitt Romney went on Fox News and managed to make his situation worse by refusing to release his tax returns, yet claiming that Americans would like to pay taxes.

Fox Business Analyst Neil Cavuto Says Answer to Record Heat is to Drill More

Neil Cavuto thinks if we drill our record heat will be a problem of the past and that while our economy is sucky the climate is just ducky