Lindsey Graham Proves Ayatollah Right – America Is Disintegrating in Madness

Republicans have actively worked for the collapse of the political system (government) entirely. Now, the machinations of the Republicans have been exposed on the global stage and finally a foreign leader said what the world and an increasing number of Americans already know.

GOP Iran Letter Was A Push For A Regime Change War And Defense Industry Profits

tom cotton morning joe

The truth, and true purpose of the letter, has really never been in question; specifically because the filthy little neo-con who originated it has broadcast the purpose for the world to hear for months.

After Scott Walker Flubs Easy Questions, Conservative Pundit Claims Walker Is Doing Just Fine

Neoconservative pundit and Iraq War apologist Bill Kristol appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe Monday morning to take part in a panel discussion on a number of issues, including potential GOP Presidential candidate Scott Walker's recent flubs of easy questions surrounding President Obama's patriotism and the theory of evolution.

The Neocon Iraqi Lie the Mainstream Media Won’t Let Die

The sad truth is that Iraq is in the shape it is today in because of what the US has already done. How, we must ask ourselves now, is doing it again going to undo it?

The Media Embarrasses Itself by Treating the Lying Bush Bumblers Like Iraq War Experts

America's mainstream media is as apt to repeat failures as conservatives likely due to the symbiotic relationship between corporate media and the conservative movement.

The Iraq Invasion Could Be a Worse Foreign Policy Decision than the Vietnam War

This month, an article argued the Iraq War was the single worst foreign policy decision in US history. This may be more than just hyperbole.

Trying to Distract from His Own 9/11 Failures, Dick Cheney Whines About Obama

Dick Cheney is desperately trying to distract from the new NYT evidence against Bush ignoring 9/11 intel by falsely accusing President Obama of ignoring intel, because Obama prefers to read his own intel.