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Opinion: Whistleblowing Is a Defense of Democracy, Not a Capital Offense

Opinion: Whistleblowing Is a Defense of Democracy, Not a Capital Offense

If you’re an immigrant, you have known blistering rhetoric and tweets for three years. You’ve lived with anti-immigrant policies that…

4 years ago

Opinion: Workers Have To Wear Battle Armor To Safely Remove White Supremacist Monument

"Due to safety concerns, we believed it was very important to take all necessary precautions to protect the safety of…

7 years ago

Obama Drops The Hammer On Republicans, ‘Nobody Gets To Hold The American Economy Hostage.’

During a speech in New Orleans, LA, President Obama strongly told Republicans that he will not allow them to hold…

9 years ago

Conservative Prays For Katrina-Like Disaster In Chicago To Give Corporations Government Control

Instead of noting how inept the Bush response to help tens-of-thousands of Americans was, or mourning the loss of 1,800…

9 years ago

Detroit Flop City: Jeb Bush Pretends To Care About Poor People In First Speech

Jeb Bush is marketing himself as a different kind of conservative, but his ideas support the same GOP policies that…

9 years ago

Duck Dynasty’s Toxic Homophobe Phil Robertson Invited To Speak At GOP’s Leadership Event

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family featured on A&E's one-time hit show 'Duck Dynasty,' will be a featured speaker…

10 years ago

Louisiana Republicans, Hurricane Katrina, and Time Travel

Progressives sometimes criticize the south as backward, but that's not entirely fair. For example, Louisiana Republicans have developed time travel

11 years ago

Detroit is the New Conservative Wet Dream

With entire swaths of Detroit uninhabited, some white knights are swooping in and buying up empty lots, parking lots and…

11 years ago

As Isaac Arrives Republicans Threaten to Deny Disaster Relief Funding

House Republicans are already threatening to deny disaster relief funding for Hurricane Isaac unless they get more budget cuts.

12 years ago

Spiritual Hurricanes and an Aura of Unreality Surround GOP Convention

Most of us like a little reality in our diet, but the Republican Convention seems to be focused more on…

12 years ago

Right Wingers Are More of a Threat to Gun Owners Than Liberals

Republicans from past experience seem to be eager to take away your rights to firearms and shift the blame to…

12 years ago

New Orleans Residents Believe the Gulf Oil Spill is More Damaging than Katrina

An interesting survey of the residents of New Orleans by the Kaiser Family Foundation released today found that 49% of…

14 years ago