Pope Francis Hints At Eventually Allowing Women Priests

This is a big deal and could signal the Pope’s thinking that perhaps it is time for women to become priests.

Supposedly God’s Own Party, the 2016 GOP Still Doesn’t Care What Jesus Said

By the time children step foot in school again this fall, it will have been two years since Pope Francis cautioned that the Church had become “obsessed” with abortion, gay marriage and contraception. read more

Fox News Analyst Calls Obama the Reincarnation of Pontius Pilate

Ralph Peters calls Obama Pontius Pilate, but Pilate, according to the Bible, tried to save Jesus and early Christianity made him a hero

‘God’s Not Dead’ Star Kevin Sorbo Calls Jews Christ Killers

Kevin Sorbo, in talking about his new film "God's Not Dead" talked to Jerry Newcombe on "Vocal Point" about Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" and the accusations that it was anti-Semitic.

WND Says Social Justice Doesn’t Come from Jesus but from the KGB

The KGB has cleverly and diabolically re-written every Bible ever sold all the way back to the second century of the Common Era, missing only those copies anyone actually bother to read

Its the End of the World as You Know It

Joseph Farah wants you to believe an angry God is about to snuff us out, but first we have to survive the Republicans

Piers Morgan Says Flawed Bible Must be Amended

Piers Morgan, already being attacked for his stance on guns, has truly thrown caution to the wind by proclaiming that the Bible is flawed and must be amended.

Bryan Fischer Says Jesus Had Capitalism in His DNA

Fischer strikes out monumentally when he claims Jesus was a capitalist's capitalist with capitalism in his DNA: read the Gospels, Bryan!

The Fundamentalist Misuse of Facts to Support Cultural and Religious Genocide

Fundamentalists are adept at constructing arguments based on cherry-picked evidence and lies of commission and omission in pursuit of a goal

Sharing the Gospel of Augustus Caesar

For the Roman world, Augustus was a messiah, and the cities were eager to proclaim his "good news" (evangelion) even before Jesus was born