New Year’s Day

Trump’s New Year’s Message Shows That It Is Killing Him That America Has Moved On

Trump posted his New Year's message from his little isolated social media corner and showed a jilted ex-president who can't…

3 months ago

Right-Wing Media Busted For Spreading False Story About Harry Reid’s Accident

A Las Vegas man who concocted the story about Harry Reid getting injured in a fight with his brother confessed…

8 years ago

In 2014 America Abandoned Its Constitution And Devolved Into a Fascist Theocracy

Republicans in state after state spent the past year hastily passing legislation abolishing other Americans' 14th Amendment rights

8 years ago

Some New Year Musings (and Wishes)

Our future could do with a lot less volleying and thundering. It is not appeasement to stop and think a…

8 years ago

New Year’s Eve Ball For Heterosexuals Only

As the new year is fast-approaching, senior class couples from an Indiana High School will be bringing in the new…

8 years ago

Happy New Year: Minimum Wage Workers in 13 States Will Get Automatic Pay Raise

Minimum wage workers in over a dozen US states have something to celebrate as they ring in the new year…

9 years ago

The Republicans Have Quit on America; It’s Time for Americans to Quit on Them

Republicans have quit on America. They're putting forth no effort, and most importantly at all, they haven't even bothered to…

10 years ago