The Republican War On Reproductive Rights Has Women Fleeing The GOP

With the GOP Presidential primary candidates, this current reproductive rights flap started with Planned Parenthood, took a turn to a woman’s right to choose and now has gone full circle with their unanimous opposition to contraception whether its through the candidates statements or the stand up comedy of their ancient surrogates, one of whom advises women to keep their legs together by pressing an aspirin between their knees. WOW! No doubt about it.  It’s the boy’s War On Women. read more

Rick Santorum’s Clueless Message Stomps Mitt Romney’s Electability

Santorum surges in GOP races. My local newspaper headline pretty much captured the flavor of yesterday’s round of two Republican Presidential caucuses and one non-binding primary.

It was definitely the flaming heterosexual’s day in the sun, though in the future there will be many more of those hotter than normal sunny days in all sections of the U.S. with our escalating warming of the planet. Santorum is, of course, a vehement climate denier. Speaking in tongues that only the evangelical crowd could understand, he told a Colorado audience the day before the vote that global warming was part of a scientific plot to….”even more greatly control your life.” An estimated 10-15% of the scientific community agrees with him. Besides, how else yuh gonna git them thar Tea Party votes? read more

Republicans Poised To Elevate Anybody But Mitt In Missouri And Minnesota

How time flies as the Republicans gift us with two more caucuses and a non-binding primary. The Missouri primary features presidential candidates from the two major parties and two minor ones. The votes count for the Democrats and the two little guys, but not for the Republicans. The Republican Party decided on a March 7th caucus instead. Colorado and Minnesota get in on the caucus action. read more