Opinion: NFL’s Hidden Hate Practices Help Explain Why It’s So Hard To End US Racism

Opinion: NFL’s Hidden Hate Practices Help Explain Why It’s So Hard To End US Racism

The NFL that publicizes ending racism, presumably to sell its product, also deeply believes in the intellectual inferiority of Black…

2 years ago

Bill Belichick Turns Down Trump’s Offer of the Medal of Freedom

Donald Trump has mostly made a mockery of his ability to award civilian honors. He gave Rush Limbaugh the Medal…

3 years ago

Man who threatened Boston Globe also called NY Times, NFL: prosecutor

U.S. investigators are probing whether a man accused of threatening to kill journalists at the Boston Globe after calling them…

5 years ago

Trump Is Losing It Because His Ratings Are Down 3 Times More Than The NFL

Donald Trump flipped out on the NFL on Monday morning. It has to be driving him crazy that no matter…

6 years ago

Opinion: 12 Days of Silence On Niger Tragedy Exposes Donald Trump As A Fake Patriot

Donald Trump's handling of the aftermath of the Niger tragedy, which claimed the lives of four American servicemen, has caused…

6 years ago

Trump Congratulates Himself, Attacks The Press In Puerto Rico Twitter Meltdown

Once again, the self-centered President of the United States cannot help but make every domestic and international incident about him…

6 years ago

Opinion: Paul Ryan Stomps on Free Speech and Tries to Silence NFL Players

There's something very wrong with Ryan weighing in on this and using his power in government to try to silence…

6 years ago

Entire Dallas Cowboys Team Defies Trump And Kneels Before National Anthem

The entire Dallas Cowboys team – as well as owner Jerry Jones – knelt in solidarity on Monday, a clear…

6 years ago

Democrat Rips Trump As ‘Racial Arsonist’ Who ‘Pulled The Sheets Off’ After Charlottesville

The Congressman said Trump's weekend rant about NFL and NBA players is just a continuation of his post-Charlottesville racist rhetoric.

6 years ago

Opinion: Upset About NFL Players Protest? You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

Behind the images of NFL players kneeling, raising fists, locked arm in arm or skipping the national anthem entirely is…

6 years ago

The Transparent Phoniness Behind Trump-Fueled White Rage Over NFL Players Kneeling

Let me say it as clearly as I can: The anger being expressed by many (white) people over NFL players…

6 years ago

Trump Hides Behind The Flag As Putin’s Shadow Leaves His Presidency In Perpetual Darkness

Trump made the reason for his fight with the NFL clear on Sunday. The President is attempting to hide behind…

6 years ago

Colonel Ted Lieu Schools Draft Dodging Trump On NFL Players’ Right to Protest

Rep. Ted Lieu‏ (D-CA) schooled Republicans who didn't serve on NFL players' rights to protest as they used the flag…

6 years ago

Democrat Urges All NFL Athletes To Kneel During Anthem To Protest ‘White Supremacist’ Trump

In a stinging tweet, former Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards she hopes "every NFL player" will take the opportunity to stand…

6 years ago

NFL Fires Back At ‘Real Life Clown’ Trump For His Vulgar Alabama Campaign Speech

Instead of backing down or being intimidated by the irresponsible man in the White House, NFL players and the league's…

6 years ago

Self-Obsessed Trump Lashes Out At NBA Players For Refusing To Kiss His Ring

The human comment section living in the White House is proving not just that his mental train is fully off…

6 years ago

Bill O’Reilly Says NFL Player Kneeling for Anthem ‘Disrespects Our Entire System’

Bill O'Reilly has a problem with Denver Broncos football player Brandon Marshall, who before the Thursday night season opener against…

7 years ago

Racists Demand Punishment For African Americans Exercising First Amendment Rights

For decent Americans it is beyond comprehension that it is acceptable for white supremacists, whether they are St. Louis-area cops…

9 years ago

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Pats Female Reporter And Calls Her ‘Sweetheart’

On Tuesday, Republican candidate for Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, called a Boston-area female reporter 'sweetheart' and patted her on her…

9 years ago

No Surprise That the NFL had the Rice Tape 3 Months Ago

Everyone was willing to protect Ray Rice because he is such a valuable football player.

9 years ago

Right Wing Extremists Are Boycotting The NFL Because Michael Sam Was Drafted

Right wing extremists have warned NFL teams that they have "a coalition of extremist Christian leaders from across the nation"…

10 years ago

Bigots Claim Rams Violated their Religious Freedoms by Drafting Gay Player

"The NFL, like most of the rest of American business, is about to learn that when you trample the Christian…

10 years ago

Why Conservatives Hypocritically Won’t Advocate for Marriage Equality Supporting NFL Player

The First Amendment gives citizens the right to voice their opinion without repercussions, unless that opinion is contrary to Conservative…

10 years ago

Maryland Delegate Tries to Silence NFL Player’s Support of Gay Marriage

Maryland delegate Emmett Burns wrote the Baltimore Ravens demanding they silence their player, marriage equality advocate Brendon Ayanbadejo

11 years ago

Why the United States Needs to be More Like the NFL

Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, sent a very strong message of accountability not only to players, but to coaches…

12 years ago