Trump Chief Of Staff Asked NOAA To Lie About The Weather

Trump's White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney asked NOAA scientists to lie about the weather for Donald Trump.

Wilbur Ross Under Investigation For Threat To Fire Weather Officials

Wilbur Ross is under Commerce Department IG investigation for threatening to fire weather officials who disagreed with Trump's fake weather forecast.

Trump Pressured NOAA To Put Out Inaccurate National Weather Forecast

The scandal has gone beyond a Sharpie as government employees say that they felt pressured to from above to put out an inaccurate hurricane forecast.

The Washington Post reported:
The agency sent a similar message warning scientists and meteorologists not to speak out on Sept. 4, after Trump showed a hurricane map from Aug. 29 modified with a hand-drawn, half-circle in black Sharpie around Alabama. read more

Trump Says His Budget Makes Safety ‘No. 1 Priority’ But it Will Kill Americans

Trump's budget directs dollars away from the people who need it most, vulnerable children and the elderly, to fill the swamp he promised to drain

Morning Joe Highlights Trump’s Rejection of the Scientific Fact of Climate Change

Donald Trump ground game

Blustering, dishonest and wrong about nearly everything, Donald Trump might prove to be just what we needed to draw attention to the dangers of global warming

Forget Terrorism, Republicans Are America’s Greatest Existential Threat

Americans face greater threats of extreme weather, seal level rise, water scarcity, heat waves, and wildfires, and biological systems disturbance.

Marco Rubio Spits On Miami Mayor’s Ringing Endorsement

Mr. Regalado’s endorsement comes at a time when the sea level has risen an unprecedented 5 inches all along the Atlantic coastline.

Republicans Ramp Up The Koch Crusade And Inquisition Against Science

When NOAA published research using empirical data to refute GOP climate-change denial, Lamar Smith (R-TX) subpoenaed to the scientists

Ted Cruz Says ‘Climate Change Is Not Science, It’s Religion’

Drowning in evidence, Cruz denies there is evidence, and then claims if we say he "denies" it we're proving climate change is a religion

House Republicans Are Targeting Scientists For Harassment and Intimidation

Armed with "suspicious subpoena power," the House Science Committee is using its authority to conduct a witch hunt against NOAA scientists for doing the job they are paid to do; study the oceans and atmosphere and publish the results.

Washington Post Conservative Claims That Honoring the Pope is Hating America

The Koch brothers are executing a well-planned assault on the Pope by portraying him as a Pagan and his followers as un-American

As Isaac Arrives Republicans Threaten to Deny Disaster Relief Funding

House Republicans are already threatening to deny disaster relief funding for Hurricane Isaac unless they get more budget cuts.

Fox Business Analyst Neil Cavuto Says Answer to Record Heat is to Drill More

Neil Cavuto thinks if we drill our record heat will be a problem of the past and that while our economy is sucky the climate is just ducky