North Dakota

CNN And MSNBC Refuse To Air Trump’s Fact-Free Speech On Tax Reform

The White House is complaining because CNN and MSNBC have refused to air President Trump's rambling and fact free North…

6 years ago

Trump Just Opened His Mouth And Created A Gigantic New Problem For Republicans

During his speech supposedly on energy policy in North Dakota, Donald Trump told voters that only rich people can be…

7 years ago

Nebraska Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto And Ends Death Penalty In The State

Nebraska's legislature voted to repeal the death penalty on a 30-19 vote on Wednesday, overriding Governor Ricketts' veto.

8 years ago

Democratic Led Minnesota Senate Approves Expanding Early Voting And Voting Rights

On a 39-28 party-line vote, the Democratic-controlled Minnesota Senate approved a bill expanding voting rights on Monday.

8 years ago

Republican-Dominated North Dakota House Resists 21st Century, Rejects LGBT Equality Again

The ND legislature has made a habit of rejecting LGBT equality, soundly rejecting legal protections every time they come to…

8 years ago

Democratic Senator Completely Annihilates Fox News’ Keystone XL Pipeline Talking Points

During his appearance on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) shut down host Chris Wallace's attempt to get him…

9 years ago

Sex, Finger-Giving, Crotch-Grabbing and Mike Ditka Beating Obama in 2004

The year 2004 saw Republican sex, crotch grabbing, finger-giving and f-you's and Ditka missing his big chance to change history

10 years ago

‘Religious Freedom’ Measure Targeting Women’s Reproductive Rights Goes Down in Flames

While Republicans pass alleged 'religious freedom' laws aimed at knocking down women's reproductive rights across the country, at least one…

11 years ago

When Will 61 Degrees in Minot ND Mean Global Warming is Real?

We can laugh at Sean Hannity every time he says cold weather in winter disproves global warming but what does…

11 years ago