Opinion: Coronavirus Questions How We Define Freedom, Especially for Women Enduring Domestic Violence

I was out driving in Chicago the other day, and as I stopped for a red light near the corner of Lawrence Avenue and Pulaski Road, I found myself idling in front of the Admiral Theater. It’s a strip club. read more

Trump Praises Pompeo For Screaming F-Bombs At NPR Host

Trump praises Pompeo for attacking NPR reporter

Trump praised his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for screaming F-bombs at an NPR host who asked him about Ukraine during an interview.

Mike Pompeo Issues Lie Filled Statement Attacking NPR

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had the State Department issue a lie-filled statement attacking NPR because they asked him about Ukraine.

Trump Supporters Go Nuts And Scream Liberal Bias After NPR Tweets The Declaration Of Independence

Here is the proof that Trump's toxic media attacks are harming the country. After NPR had tweeted the Declaration of Independence, Republicans went bonkers and claimed that one of the most famous political documents in the history of the world was a liberally biased attack on Trump.

Obama Perfectly Diagnoses How The Media Handed Trump The Keys To The White House

In an interview with NPR, President Obama was careful not to blame the media for Trump's win, but he did diagnose how the media's decision to cover the election as a reality television show played into the hands of Trump.

Obama Tells Republican Babies That They Don’t Get Their Way 100% Of The Time

Obama NPR Interview

In an interview with NPR, President Obama told tantruming Republicans in the Senate that they have failed to make a coherent argument for their obstruction, and they are not going to get their way one hundred percent of the time.

President Obama Explains That Discussion Regarding Race Issues Is Healthy For The Nation

During a comprehensive interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep that was released Monday, President Obama spoke at length on a number of hot-button topics and issues that have come to the forefront in 2014. One of the issues he touched on was race relations in this country.