NPR Business Journalist: Ivanka Trump’s Jobs Plan Is Stupid, Wrong and Lazy


NPR business journalist Adam Davidson has slammed Ivanka Trump’s jobs plan for America. He says the plan is filled with bad ideas and misconceptions about work.

Davidson is a contributor to NPR’S Planet Money and has a newsletter that usually covers business rather than politics. But he took a hatchet to the “Find Something New” plan on Wednesday.

“Ivanka Trump’s jobs plan is not only stupid and wrong, it’s lazy,” Davidson wrote.

“Find Something New embodies every wrong and dumb idea about how jobs work.”

President Donald Trump’s daughter has been the face of the initiative, which essentially tells people to go find a job. Davidson explained why that tactic won’t work and why the plan was perpetuating falsehoods about employment.

He also took the time to dissect Ivanka Trump’s career and suggest she had no idea about real work.

“Her first big real estate job was with a money-launderer,” Davidson charges.

“Another major project she oversaw involved a likely money-laundering scheme for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

“She also ran a jewelry business with a fraudster. She barely avoided getting arrested for a different real estate scheme in New York.”

“And there are many, many, many other sketchy deals she’s participated in over the years.”

He goes on to explain why nobody should take career advice from Trump and trashes the initiative’s website.

“For all its laziness and uselessness, the site is a perfect distillation of a lot of the inherited, poorly thought-through ideas that govern much career advice,” he says.

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