Rachel Maddow Unloads Both Barrels Exposing Josh Hawley And The NRA’s Illegal Scheme

Rachel Maddow highlighted the Giffords lawsuit that accused the NRA of making $35 million in illegal contributions to Republicans like…

4 weeks ago

Former NRA President Tricked Into Appearing in Gun-Control Videos

While we seem to finally be gaining ground on the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one public health crisis to which…

5 months ago

Trump Says NRA Didn’t Take His Advice to “Get Out of New York” Before NY Sued to Dissolve Them

In August, the state of New York sued the National Rifle Association (NRA), arguing that misspending and corruption justified dissolving…

1 year ago

New York AG Letitia James: Execs Used NRA as “Their Personal Piggy Bank”

Letitia James has claimed some people at the National Rifle Association used the organization as their "personal piggy bank" as…

1 year ago

NY Attorney General Letitia James Moves To Dissolve The NRA

NY Attorney General Letitia James has moved to dissolve the NRA after a state investigation found rampant fraud and abuse…

1 year ago

GOP Congressman Dismissive Of ‘Beer Virus’ Skipped Paid Leave Vote To Go To NRA Event Instead

A congressman from the northernmost state in the Union told seniors last week they had nothing to worry about coronavirus…

2 years ago

The NRA Has Been Charged With Breaking Insurance Laws

The state of New York has charged the NRA with acting as an unlicensed insurance agent and deceptive marketing practices.

2 years ago

Senate Finds NRA Provided Russians Access To Republicans For Money

A Senate investigation has found that the NRA provided Russians access to Republicans in exchange for lucrative business opportunities.

2 years ago

Republican NRA Suckers Get Conned As Wayne LaPierre Spends $200K On Beverly Hills Suits

The NRA board let Wayne LaPierre charge $440,000 to the "nonprofit," $200,000 of which was for suits. Suits he bought…

3 years ago

Trump accuses New York state of trying to take down the NRA over Letitia James’ subpoenas

It has worked closely with legislators to protect firearms manufacturers from liability for gun violence and pushed a ban on…

3 years ago

Trump heeds NRA, decides to pull U.S. out of Obama-era U.N. arms treaty

"The United States will now lock arms with Iran, North Korea and Syria as non-signatories to this historic treaty whose…

3 years ago

How Putin’s People Infiltrated the NRA to Help Trump and the GOP

The Daily Beast has reported that the National Rifle Association (NRA) was infiltrated by Russian intelligence agents, and top officials…

3 years ago

NRA Election Spending Is Cut In Half As Gun Debate Changes

So far this year the National Rifle Association (NRA) has spent just $11 million on midterm races, less than half…

3 years ago

Rabbi Trashes Trump for Blaming Synagogue Deaths on Lack of Security

A leading Jewish rabbi expressed the feelings of millions of Americans when he appeared on CNN and criticized President Donald…

3 years ago

Jet Fuel Scheme Shows The Link Between The NRA And Russia

The former president of the NRA and his wife worked with Maria Butina on a scheme to sell jet fuel…

3 years ago

The Noose Tightens As Robert Mueller Likely Has The NRA’s Tax Returns

The NRA's problems might be even worse than imagined as legal experts say that Mueller already has their tax returns,…

3 years ago

Sen. Joni Ernest Is Reeling As She Gets Called Out For Getting Millions Of Dollars In Help From The NRA

Sen. Joni Ernest had to lie to an Iowa crowd about getting millions of dollars in support from the NRA…

3 years ago

The NRA May Have To Shut Down NRATV Because They Can’t Get Insurance

The NRA has been unable to renew their media liability insurance because they are a reputational risk which means that…

3 years ago

James Comey Rips The NRA For Lying And Selling Fear To The American People

Former FBI Director, and gun owner, James Comey ripped the NRA for selling fear and lying to the American people…

3 years ago

Mueller Secretly Obtained NRA Tax Returns With List of ‘Dark Money’ Donors

Many people think it is unusual that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has heard nothing from the FBI or the…

3 years ago

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