Joe Rogan Defends Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones,”None of What They Say is Outrageous.”

Joe Rogan Defends Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones,”None of What They Say is Outrageous.”

Joe Rogan happily tells his viewers that he is not a Republican or a Democrat. His favored candidate during the…

3 years ago

LISTEN: Jen Psaki Responds to Tucker Carlson’s Wild Claims That the NSA is Spying on Him

Last week, General Mark Milley infuriated Conservatives by talking about white rage. And no one personifies the idea of white…

3 years ago

NSA And CIA Are Refusing To Turn Over Ukraine Docs Because They Don’t Want To Make Trump Mad

The NSA and CIA are giving in to pressure from Trump and refusing to turn over documents related to the…

4 years ago

Robert O’Brien Named NSA A Day After Sucking Up To Trump

Trump picked his new National Security Adviser (NSA) one day after Robert O'Brien lavishly praised the president to the media.

5 years ago

U.S. intelligence watchdog says it will encourage whistleblowers to come forward

The U.S. National Security Agency's top oversight official, Robert Storch, is working to repair the spy agency's reputation with whistleblowers…

6 years ago

Tillerson May Have Lost His Job Due To His Comments On Russia

Yesterday, British Prime Minister Teresa May made clear that the nation of Russia was highly likely responsible, according to their…

6 years ago

If Republicans Don’t Investigate Trump-Russia Connection, They’re Un-American

The most alarming story of the campaign was the successful effort by a ‘hostile’ foreign power, Russia, to interfere and…

7 years ago

Congress Must Investigate After NSA Chief Confirms Russians Hacked Democracy

"Russia has perfected political warfare using cyber assets and apparently decided to apply these tactics so American democracy itself was…

8 years ago

The Unhinged Conservative Reaction to Obama’s Foreign Policy Speech at West Point

Diplomacy may not be as profitable as war (Cheney's Haliburton made $39.5 billion off the Iraq war alone), but our…

10 years ago

Rand Paul Disgraces Himself On CNN By Mocking Obama’s NSA Speech That He Didn’t Watch

Sen. Rand Paul disgraced himself on CNN today by mocking President Obama's NSA speech in a way that proved that…

10 years ago

Bernie Sanders Demands That The NSA Come Clean About Spying on Congress

In a letter to the NSA, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wants to if the agency has been spying on members…

10 years ago

What if this was Sarah Palin’s NSA?

I picture President Sarah Palin, in all her indignant, self-righteous power-hungry glory. Then, I picture the NSA and the vast…

11 years ago

Chris Christie Hammers Rand Paul As He Defends President Obama

Chris Christie went after Paul's libertarianism while defending Obama, igniting a war between the two sides of the Republican Party.

11 years ago

The New Terrorists: How Ordinary American Activists are Receiving This Dangerous Label

The trend toordinary American activists as domestic terrorists is alarming, bringing to new reasons to revisit the PATRIOT…

11 years ago

The Associated Press’ Biased Reporting Fueled Anti-Obama Vendetta

The AP have launched a vendetta to bring down President Obama, and they have made their agenda crystal clear through…

11 years ago