GOP Tyranny As Brownback’s GOP On the Verge Of Nullifying Kansas’ Judiciary

Brownback's new ploy would make it possible for the Republican legislature to impeach any judge who goes against Republican dogma

7 years ago

Texas Republican Proposes Another Civil War By Ending The Union Through Nullification

The Civil War is something a Texas Republican legislator, Dan Flynn, is attempting to repeat through a proposal that empowers…

9 years ago

Missouri Republicans Violate the Constitution with Attempt to Nullify Federal Law

In Missouri this week, Republicans moved forward another measure to nullify federal gun laws.

9 years ago

South Carolina’s Lee Bright Wants to Replace Lindsey Graham – and the United States

Bright says, "If the Tenth Amendment won't protect the Second, we might have to use the Second to protect the…

10 years ago

Treasonous Republicans Warp the Constitution To Justify Nullifying Federal Laws

Republicans persistently claimed they, and only they, adhere to the constitution regardless they routinely disregard or misrepresent the document to…

10 years ago

Missouri Republicans Are Working on New Secession Plan

Republicans have not given up on their dream for a Civil War do-over, when their ancestors made the apparent mistake…

10 years ago

North Carolina GOP Attempts to Violate the Constitution by Proposing an Official State Religion

Republicans in the state's legislature are proposing an official state religion by exempting North Carolina from following the Constitution's separation…

10 years ago

GOP Responds to Obama’s Gun Control Executive Orders With Threats of Civil War

President Obama issued benign executive orders to quell the bloodshed from military-grade weapons, and Republicans responded with threats of civil…

10 years ago

By Wide Margin North Carolina Returns to Its Bigoted Southern Roots

Another state has added its political voice of opposition to gay marriage. North Carolina approved an amendment forbidding same-sex marriage.

11 years ago

Georgia Attempts To Restart The Civil War With Bill To Nullify Federal Laws

There are Americans who dearly want to repeat the Civil War experience and in Georgia, Republican legislators took the first…

11 years ago

As Simple As Black and White: The GOP’s Secessionist Dream

It has been 150 years since the Confederacy of Southern States seceded from the United States of America starting the…

12 years ago