Republicans Reeling As 30% Of GOP Voters Trust Obama/Clinton More Than Trump On SCOTUS Nominee

Voters trust Obama and Clinton more than Trump on SCOTUS nominee

According to a new poll, nearly three out of every ten Republicans trust President Obama and Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice.

Obama Tells Republican Babies That They Don’t Get Their Way 100% Of The Time

Obama NPR Interview

In an interview with NPR, President Obama told tantruming Republicans in the Senate that they have failed to make a coherent argument for their obstruction, and they are not going to get their way one hundred percent of the time.

Mitch McConnell’s Obstruction Falls Apart As 8 Republicans To Meet With SCOTUS Nominee

Mitch McConnell's plan to obstruct President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, by holding no meetings, hearings, or votes is coming closer to collapse as eight Senate Republicans have stated that they will meet with the nominee.

Elizabeth Warren Shows Why Democrats Respect The Constitution More Than Republicans

Elizabeth Warren citigroup

While speaking about President Obama's nomination Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) showed respect for the Constitution that is clearly missing among Senate Republicans.

President Obama Springs His SCOTUS Trap On Republicans By Choosing Merrick Garland

Obama nominates Merrick Garland

By calling the Republican bluff with the nomination of Merrick Garland, President Obama has trapped Senate Republicans in their own obstruction, fed the Senate rebellion, and gave Democrats a key issue for November's election.

Republicans Rebel As Mitch McConnell’s Decision To Block SCOTUS Nominee Backfires

Faced with angry voters who want them to do their jobs, the jobs the voters are paying them to do, which includes as a basic confirming Supreme Court nominees, Republicans are at a loss as to justify and sell McConnell's big lie.

Republicans Disgrace American Values By Setting Up Task Force To Obstruct Obama Nominee

The RNC is taking the Republican Party to a new low with a campaign that will attack Democratic presidential candidates and senators who want the Senate to do their jobs and hold hearings on President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

GOP Resistance Cracking As Chris Christie Calls For Hearings On Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Chris Christie Calls For hearings on Obama SCOTUS nominee

Republican support for obstructing President Obama's Supreme Court nominee is cracking as top Trump surrogate Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) called for hearings to be held on Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

Republicans Sent Scurrying By Angry Voters Demanding A Vote On Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Republicans are giving Democrats plenty of ammunition in an election year with which to hit vulnerable Republican Senators.

Historian States There Is No Precedent For GOP Obstruction Of Obama SCOTUS Nominee

One of the nation's top presidential historians says that there is no historical precendent that Republicans can use to obstruct President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court.

Kagan’s Anti-Corporate Past is the Real Reason for GOP Opposition

Elena Kagan, a covert liberal?

Is the GOP being honest in their critique of Kagan? The round up of Conservative's arguments against Kagan appears to be baseless, hypocritical and perhaps grounded in her fight against corporate influence on elections.