Extortion: The United States Senate’s Newest Racket


American government has lost its designation as a representative democracy, and is turning into a racket where one man, or one party, dictates its will on the entire government, and apparently no-one is willing to stop the demise of democratic rule. There is much talk about compromise and bipartisanship from the Democrats, and the White House, but in the 21st Century American democracy, it is a fallacy and a joke.

Lame Duck Session Presents the Perfect Opportunity for Democrats

lame duck

Now that Democrats in Congress are in a lame duck session, they have one more opportunity to take a stand for the American people before Republicans give America to the corporate world. Republicans have been upfront about their intentions to shut down the government and remove safety nets across the board so they can give tax cuts to the rich.

Dear America, Why Are We Voting Against Our Own Self Interests?


As we head to the polls tomorrow, ignorant, confused citizens are intending to vote against their own self-interests. Knowing Republicans have done nothing, and campaign on doing nothing for the next two years; why are people willing to vote for them? Republicans promise to help corporations by getting rid of regulations, but that only helps the wealthy.