Weekly House Address Claims Over-Regulation Caused Crash of 2008

House Republicans want us to believe that by gutting Wall Street reform, we can somehow end bailouts and have a healthier economy

Welcome to the Age of Authoritarianism – Sponsored by the 1 Percent

The 21st century is seeing the spread of the authoritarian principle that far from being the origin of authority, people must obey authority

Tom Perkins Apologizes for Referencing Kristallnacht But Still Says He is Right

Perkins said, "I think rich as a class are threatened by higher taxes and higher regulation." Oh no!

Republican Denialism and the Ugly Truth About Income Inequality

"The widening divide in incomes between the poor and rich poses the most likely threat to the global economy over the next decade" according to the World Economic Forum

Left-Leaning American Majority Sees Views Consistently Ignored

The mistakes legislators make tend to fall in one direction, giving U.S. politics a rightward tilt compared to what most voters say they want

The Media Labels Occupy Un-American Thanks To Oakland Flag Burners

The conservative-owned media will have a field day with the image of Occupiers torching an American flag.

Obama Shows The GOP The Consequences Of Their Obstruction

With Americans getting so much protection from a couple of Obama recess appointments, it is no wonder Republicans are livid.