Trump Just Got Terrible News In Ohio As His Approval Rating Plummets And Healthcare Is The #1 Issue

A new Quinnipiac University poll of Ohio found that Donald Trump's approval rating is upside down, Democrats are leading key midterm races and healthcare is the top issue on the voters' minds.

Hillary Clinton Surges To A 9 Point Lead In Ohio As Buckeye State Abandons Trump

Ohio is moving strongly towards Hillary Clinton as a new poll shows the Democratic nominee leading Donald Trump.

Republicans Panic As Hillary Clinton Seizes The Lead In Another New Ohio Poll

Hillary Clinton ohio poll

Republicans insist Hillary Clinton has given up on Ohio, but new polls show her surging in the Buckeye State.

Republican Nightmares Come True As Hillary Clinton Takes A 2 Point Lead In Ohio

With each new poll, the worst nightmare of the Republican Party is coming to closer to reality, as the latest poll of Ohio shows Hillary Clinton holding a two-point lead over Donald Trump.

Barrage Of Swing State Polls Make Trump’s Bad Day Even Better For Hillary Clinton

As Donald Trump drowns in an endlessly bad news cycle, a new batch of swing state polls just made Hillary Clinton's good day even better.

GOP Convention A Dud As Trump Is Getting No Bounce In Ohio From Cleveland Gathering

A new poll shows that not even having the Republican convention in Cleveland can get Donald Trump a lead over Hillary Clinton in Ohio.

The Roof Caves In On Trump As Clinton Leads In N. Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida

A new swing state poll shows Hillary Clinton comfortably leading Donald Trump in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia.

Here’s Why Quinnipiac’s Polls Showing Trump Leading Clinton Are Totally Wrong

The media has hopped all over three new Quinnipiac University polls showing Trump leading Clinton in Pennsylvania and Florida, but the problem is that Quinnipiac is rigging their polls for the best possible Trump outcome.

Trump Triggering A Democratic Landslide As Republicans Vow To Vote For Clinton

There is a consistent trend developing in state level polls of a significant number of Republicans saying that they will vote for Hillary Clinton in November if Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee.

Trump Helps Democrats Win: 10% Of Ohio Republicans Will Vote For Clinton If Trump Wins

Republicans should be shaking in their shoes after a new poll of Ohio found that 10% of the state's Republicans will vote for Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee.

Explosive New Polls Show GOP Poised To Lose Senate Seats If They Block Obama SCOTUS Nominee

Polls Obstruction of Obama SCOTUS Nominee could cost Republicans the Senate

Two new polls of Ohio and Pennsylvania revealed that voters are outraged over the Republican plan to block President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. The anger is so strong that it could cost the GOP incumbent Senate seats in both states.

More Bad News For GOP: Gov. John Kasich Is Tied With Democratic Challenger In Ohio

A new PPP poll confirms that the race for governor in Ohio is a dead heat. Republican Gov. John Kasich leads Democrat Ed FitzGerald by a single point 45%-44%.

Obama Leads Romney in 14 of 16 Swing State Polls Released Today

From New Hampshire to Colorado, President Obama leads Mitt Romney in 14 of the 16 battleground state polls released today.

Support for Obama Surges While Romney Collapses In Florida and Ohio

The latest Quinnipiac polls of Florida and Ohio show support for President Obama surging in each state. Obama gained 4 points of support in Ohio, and 6 points in Florida over the past month.

As Voters Come Home To Obama, 2012 Begins To Look A Lot Like 2008

A comparison of recent polls in Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia with 2008 polling shows that voters who supported President Obama last time are starting to come back home to him in 2012.