State of Emergency – West Virginia Water Supply Poisoned Again

WV Explosion 1

At a time when Republicans and their money-machine the Koch brothers are waging a ferocious battle to put a stop to clean and renewable energy, and oppose any and all regulations on fossil fuels, another man-made disaster in West Virginia reveals why dirty fossil fuels are a clear and present danger to Americans' health.

Change Has Come: Environmental Protection Now Has Public Support

Change: Protecting the Environment Finally Gets Approval

It seems that the worst environmental disaster in US history was all it took for Americans to get serious about protecting the environment. According to the latest Society for Human Resource Management/National Journal Congressional Connection survey, 56% of those asked said, that "protecting the environment" should be the more important priority for U.S. energy policy over "keeping energy prices low."

Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and the RNC Throw Rand Paul under the Bus

By any standard Republican Kentucky Senate nominee Rand Paul has had a terrible week. He followed up winning the GOP nomination on Tuesday with a disastrous appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show, which he followed up with an even worse appearance on ABC's Good Morning America where he defended BP and the oil spill. Most telling is the way that his Tea Party backers, including Sarah Palin have remained silent on his comments.

Fox News’ Brit Hume Denies the size of the Gulf Oil Spill

Fox News is still in full spin mode when it comes to the Gulf oil spill. Since the explosion, the network has been touting the virtues of offshore drilling, while downplaying the damage from the Gulf spill. However, Fox News Sunday's Brit Hume took it to new low today, when he doubted the size of the spill because the oil has not covered the coast yet. Hume asked, "Where is the oil?"

Right Wing Tries To Socialize Oil Companies with “Obama’s Katrina”


In calling the BP oil spill "Obama's Katrina"; conservatives infer that the President did not act fast enough. However, not only has this meme been debunked, but it goes to the central hypocrisy of the current conservative moment, whose only consistent value is to oppose Obama in order to destroy his Presidency. Conservatives are attempting to foist all responsibility for the clean up of the private sector caused oil spill onto the President. In fact, the conservative effort to label this as Obama's Katrina represents the Conservative endorsement of socialism.

BP Debunks Right Wing Oil Spill Conspiracy Theories

Today on ABC's This Week BP Chairman and President Lamar McKay put to rest all of the right wing conspiracy theories that the Gulf Oil spill was an act of terrorism carried out by left wing environmentalists, or a foreign government. Instead McKay said the probable cause less sinister and more mundane, "I believe we've got a failed piece of equipment."

Fox News’ Bill Kristol: Offshore Drilling is Safe until the Oil Rig Blows Up

Fox News contributor Bill Kristol was on Special Report with Bret Baier tonight defending off shore drilling, when he made perhaps the stupidest statement of all time. He said offshore drilling is quite safe, "and very environmentally clean, except where there is a disaster like this." Essentially Kristol is saying that offshore drilling is safe, until the oil rig bursts into flames.