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Trump Claimed Keystone Pipeline Had ‘No Downside’ And Now It’s Leaking 210,000 Gallons Of Oil

Trump Claimed Keystone Pipeline Had ‘No Downside’ And Now It’s Leaking 210,000 Gallons Of Oil

Trump issued a permit in March for Keystone XL's construction – something that former President Barack Obama and other environmental…

7 years ago

Latest TransCanada spill is why President Obama rejected Keystone XL – Updated and Corrected

TransCanada delivers what local residents and landowners feared most about the Keystone XL pipeline; oil spills.

8 years ago

State of Emergency – West Virginia Water Supply Poisoned Again

At a time when Republicans and their money-machine the Koch brothers are waging a ferocious battle to put a stop…

9 years ago

Obama Delivers Some Good News about the Gulf Oil Spill

President Obama spoke to the media today to give an update on the how the new cap is functioning to…

14 years ago

Dick Cheney Resurfaces to Criticize Obama for the Gulf Oil Spill

Dick Cheney came out of hiding yesterday long enough to poke his head up in Erie, PA, and not take…

14 years ago

President Obama Muscles Up In Oil Spill Address

President Barack Obama delivered his first Oval Office address to the nation tonight and in it he did what many…

14 years ago

Change Has Come: Environmental Protection Now Has Public Support

It seems that the worst environmental disaster in US history was all it took for Americans to get serious about…

14 years ago

BP Can’t Stop The Oil But Stifles the Media and Free Speech

Evidence is mounting that BP is not only trying to control message war as the oil continues to pour into…

14 years ago

Fox Floats A New Conspiracy Theory That Obama Let the Gulf Oil Leak Happen

A brand new Obama/oil leak conspiracy theory is making the rounds courtesy of Fox News and Fox Business. The network…

14 years ago

Bill O’Reilly Rejects Palin’s Obama-BP Conspiracy Theory

On Fox News tonight, Bill O'Reilly took up Sarah Palin's latest conspiracy theory that Obama is more worried about campaign…

14 years ago

Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and the RNC Throw Rand Paul under the Bus

By any standard Republican Kentucky Senate nominee Rand Paul has had a terrible week. He followed up winning the GOP…

14 years ago

Fox News’ Brit Hume Denies the size of the Gulf Oil Spill

Fox News is still in full spin mode when it comes to the Gulf oil spill. Since the explosion, the…

14 years ago

Right Wing Tries To Socialize Oil Companies with “Obama’s Katrina”

In calling the BP oil spill "Obama's Katrina"; conservatives infer that the President did not act fast enough. However, not…

14 years ago

BP Debunks Right Wing Oil Spill Conspiracy Theories

Today on ABC's This Week BP Chairman and President Lamar McKay put to rest all of the right wing conspiracy…

14 years ago

Fox News’ Bill Kristol: Offshore Drilling is Safe until the Oil Rig Blows Up

Fox News contributor Bill Kristol was on Special Report with Bret Baier tonight defending off shore drilling, when he made…

14 years ago