Republican Hunger Mongers Are Starving People To Give Corporations Welfare

Republicans certainly find revenue to fund billions of dollars for oil subsidies and agricultural corporations but they claim they do not have the money to stop cuts to Meals on Wheels

The American People Are Being Punished Because Republicans Refused Pay Their Debts

Americans are being held responsible for Republicans' debt for two unnecessary wars, costly prescription plan, tax cuts for the rich, and gifts to the oil industry.

House Republicans Congratulate Themselves On Killing a Million Jobs

Republicans are congratulating themselves for allowing the dreaded sequester to take effect knowing full well that in the first year of a ten year plan, about a million Americans will lose their jobs.

Republican Fiscal Concerns are a Canard to Cover Their Inhumanity

The GOP has made it their goal to inflict harm on the least fortunate among us under cover of being fiscally responsible, but their fiscal concerns are a canard to cover their inhumanity.

Like Magic, Dem Gov. Jerry Brown Fixes California Budget with Tax Hike

Democratic Governor Jerry Brown fixed California's deficit via Prop 30, also known as raising taxes. California no longer has a deficit.

Nancy Pelosi Destroys Republican Talking Points on the Debt Ceiling

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) destroyed Republican talking points regarding the debt ceiling on Face the Nation, and then upped the ante for more revenue.

Romney Lies on CNN. This is his Real Vision for America

Mitt Romney took to CNN's opinion page to lie about his vision for America but his real vision is somewhat different

Elizabeth Warren Rolls as Scott Brown Falls Apart in Their Second Debate

Elizabeth Warren rolled over Scott Brown in their second debate as the incumbent lost his cool, and cracks started to show in his moderate pseudo-Democrat facade.

Debunking the Myth of Paul Ryan Policy Wonk

The right is heralding Paul Ryan as a policy wonk, but a closer look at his ideas and where they come from reveals that he is anything but.

House Republicans Take Student Loans Hostage in Their War Against Women

Since House Republicans are losing the war on women, they are holding 7.4 million student loans hostage to inflict the most damage on women who coincidentally outnumber men enrolled in college.

Un-American Republicans Fight To Keep Big Oil On Corporate Welfare

It is patently un-American to take Americans’ tax dollars and give them to extremely profitable oil companies when the country’s infrastructure is crumbling and millions of Americans are in poverty.