Energy Experts: Prices Will Drop and Inflation Will Come Down…But When?

Energy Experts: Prices Will Drop and Inflation Will Come Down…But When?

On the Great Ideas Podcast with Matt Robison, two top oil and gas sector experts – Mike Sloan and Andrew…

3 years ago

Trump To Push For Federal Coronavirus Aid For Oil Companies

Trump is going to use the coronavirus outbreak to push for federal assistance for oil and natural gas companies to…

4 years ago

War Criminal Cheney Honored At The Capital While The World Battles His Co-Creation ISIS

Few Americans would object to a bust honoring Dick Cheney if it noted his part in creating a more radical…

9 years ago

Koch-Republicans In Senate Vote To Nullify the Clean Water Act

Republicans, and their wealthy owners in the oil, coal, and chemical industry, particularly do not believe that any American warrants…

9 years ago

John Boehner Votes to Create 35 Jobs! It’s a Jobgasm!

Keystone XL will create 35 permanent jobs, not even one person from every state in the Union. Maybe we should…

10 years ago

Republicans Are The Ultimate Takers Who Only Want To Give To The Wealthy That They Serve

Even if some Americans do grasp the concept of Republicans as the ultimate takers, they likely fail to comprehend that…

10 years ago

Cliven Bundy Republicans Campaign To Seize and Sell Off Federal Land

Now, there is a serious movement among Republicans who embrace Bundy's claim the federal government is forbidden from owning land…

10 years ago

What the Media Calls Agendaless Is Really the Republican Plan To Destroy America

Political pundits are wont to claim Republicans obstruct governance and oppose policies and agendas that benefit the entire nation because…

10 years ago

The Vile Koch Scheme to Make $100 Billion Destroying The Environment With KeystoneXL

The dirty energy fascist Koch Brothers are planning to make tens of billions of dollars off the KeystoneXL pipeline before…

11 years ago

A Delusional Liz Cheney Projects Her Father’s Mistakes onto President Obama

The theme of Liz Cheney's fantasy screed was that Republicans had to start fighting back against President Obama or else…

11 years ago

Obama Explains Change to Romney with Three Words: Made in America

Obama told supporters that change is when everyone has a fair shot, 'Making stuff again. Selling it all around the…

12 years ago

The United States Is On Course To Be The World’s #1 Oil Producer In 8 Years

Despite the absolutely ridiculous Republican claims, the United States may soon be the world's largest oil producing nation, overtaking Saudi…

12 years ago

Obama Campaign Makes Romney’s Week Worse By Asking, What Else is He Hiding?

Obama for America delivered a hard punch to the Romney campaign with a new ad titled 'Mitt Romney's Tax Returns:…

12 years ago

Romney Campaign Admits Oil and Gas Industry Wrote Their Energy Plan

Not even trying to fool anyone anymore, the Romney campaign has admitted that their energy policy was written by the…

12 years ago

Are Britain and Argentina Headed for Falkland Islands War Redux?

Argentina is demanding the "return" of the Falkand Islands, which are British territory and inhabited by English-speaking British citizens.

12 years ago

Setting The Record Straight: Correcting The GOP Lies About Obama’s Oil Record

We have all heard the lie, that President Obama is the worst domestic energy President ever. Unfortunately, the facts have…

13 years ago