GOP Is Starting To Panic About 2018 As Democrats Quietly Outperform In Special Elections

It's hard to gauge the outcome of midterm elections more than a year before they're held, but Donald Trump's presidency has motivated progressive and moderate voters in a way they haven't been in a long time.

Opinion: Republicans Grant Men, Even Rapists, Purview Over Women’s Bodies

"There is zero part of me that understands why a rapist or someone who got someone pregnant against their will, maybe incest, would have any right in that decision.”

Even Red State Oklahoma Has Turned Against Mitch McConnell’s Obama SCOTUS Obstruction

In deep red Oklahoma, Republicans didn't fare well in an online poll about their Senate tactics of delaying President Obama's Supreme Court nominee hearings and confirmation. In fact, they were roughly 2-1 against it.

Red State Radicalism Thrives Against Women and No-One Cares

While Americans focus on the primaries, Republicans are eliminating women's rights.

Huckabee Thinks One Beheading Is Worse Than 17 Texans Killed In Record Floods

Huckabee raged and attempted to contradict the President telling Fox News that, "I assure you that one beheading is much worse than a sunburn."

Oklahoma Rep. Says He’d Set Self on Fire Over Abortion – if Only His Beliefs Allowed It

You really have to admire the courage of Religious Right figures who, like Jerry Boykin and the Benham brothers, say they are willing to die for their beliefs, especially when there is absolutely no risk at all of that actually happening. read more

Where The States Stand On “Therapy” that Amounts to Brainwashing the Gay Away

When the President supported a nationwide ban on "Conversion Therapy", he mentioned the idea of state solutions.

Wisconsin Eliminating Weekends Is Another Koch Idea For A Nation of Slave Labor

scott walker emails

Democrats expected Walker to eliminate the state's 'prevailing wage' law requiring workers on public projects to be paid the established going rate for their labor. Instead of eliminating prevailing wage laws, Koch-Republicans' decided to eliminate weekends and impose a 'voluntary' 7-day work week.

California Attorney-General Fights To Void Deadly Anti-Gay Ballot Initiative

The far right's war on the LGBT community took a variety of turns this week.

University Of Oklahoma Incident Proves The More Things Change…

I suppose I should have felt more outraged or ready to protest or whatever but, quite frankly? Empty. And what worries me about my own reaction is that I'm thinking it's worse than outrage.

Boehner Plucks OK Gov. Mary Fallin to Repeat his Keystone XL Lies in Weekly Address

In the final analysis this is government of, by, and for the people, not a group of oil-drenched Koch-whores in Congress

Racist Gun Zealot Shoots Black Police Chief Four Times, No Charges Filed

Now, another white man is walking free after shooting a Black police chief in Oklahoma investigating a possible bomb plot against a Head Start school in the presence of four other law enforcement officers.

Oklahoma and Nebraska Marijuana Sales in Colorado are Against Foreign Laws, So Stop it!

Red States Nebraska and Oklahoma incredibly claim federal law trumps state law, and that foreign laws are more important than state laws.

Neighboring States Suing Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization

Republican Attorneys General from Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado for its law legalizing marijuana.

Why it is Important Scott Lively Be Held Accountable for Wanting to Kill Gays

How long do you think it will be, if you can be murdered for being gay, before extremists go down the rest of the biblical list and find YOU there as well?

Nancy Pelosi Celebrates The Latest Victory For Marriage Equality

Today marks an important day for marriage equality in the United States as the Supreme Court refused to review several circuit court rulings that strike down state bans on same sex marriage.

A Fracking Disaster: Scientists Directly Link Fracking To Earthquakes and Health Hazards

The team of U.S. Geological Survey scientists found a wealth of evidence "directly linking" an increase in Colorado and New Mexico earthquakes since 2001 to wastewater injection widely used in hydraulic fracturing as well as conventional drilling.

Actual Religious Freedom Creates an Anti-First Amendment Firestorm in Bible Belt

The Religious Right, which regularly mocks and profanes the beliefs of others, thinks other religions should be banned from mocking and profaning theirs

Wedge Issue Completely Gone As Majority Of People In Ohio Now Support Marriage Equality

Quinnipiac University released a poll on Monday that shows support for marriage equality in Ohio hitting 50%.