Oklahoma City

Racist Frat Booted From OU Campus Hires Oklahoma City Bomber’s Lawyer To Represent Them

The board for the Oklahoma University chapter of SAE voted on Thursday to hire Attorney Stephen Jones to represent them.

8 years ago

Hatred And Stupidity Killed 12 People, Not Religion

When it comes ti Islam, why must certain religious organizations "condemn" an attack where they assume their "religious extremists" are…

8 years ago

If Protesters Are Responsible For Officers’ Deaths, So Then Are The Tea Party

Are the protesters responsible for the death of the officers? If yes, then the Tea Party is responsible for the…

8 years ago

Satanic Magic vs Catholic Magic in Oklahoma

The Black Mass vs the Eucharist. In the end, Satanists want to piss on Jesus' body and Catholics want to…

8 years ago

Local Tea Party Leader is Investigated for Menacing Email to GOP Senator

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating a local Tea Party co-founder after he sent a threatening email to…

10 years ago