Portland, Oregon To Vote on Emergency Resolution Banning Trade with Texas in Response to Abortion Law

The city of Portland, Oregon will vote on an emergency resolution banning trade with the state of Texas in response…

1 month ago

Extreme Weather is a Warning We Can No Longer Afford to Minimize

This is a warning. Perhaps it's too late. But we are facing a potential climate hostile to human life.

4 months ago

Reports Suggest Federal Agents May Withdraw from Portland

Federal law enforcement may soon leave the city of Portland, Oregon, according to new reports emerging on Wednesday. U.S. agents…

1 year ago

Oregon Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Federal Agents in Portland

A judge in Oregon has issued a temporary restraining order against federal agents in Portland. The move comes amid growing…

1 year ago

Portland Mayor Accuses Trump Administration of “Urban Warfare” and “Occupation”

The Mayor of Portland has lashed out at the Trump administration after he was teargassed in the city on Wednesday…

1 year ago

Ammon Bundy’s Defense is That 200 Years of Legal Precedent are Meaningless

Bundy plans to go all the way back to 1787 to overturn 200 years of legal precedence, citing previously unknown…

5 years ago

Oregon Occupiers Whine They Are Treated Worse than Ferguson Protesters

Men and women armed not only with guns but with white privilege who just want stuff that doesn't belong to…

6 years ago

From Federal Custody, Ammon Bundy Calls on Insurrectionists to Go Home

The situation is unraveling in Oregon. With its leadership in custody and federal authorities closing in, rats are fleeing the…

6 years ago

Ammon Bundy and Followers Arrested in Traffic Stop, 1 Dead

Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan were arrested with 3 others while en route to a meeting and Arizona rancher…

6 years ago

Southern Poverty Law Center Warns of More Insurrection to Come

Nobody did anything about Cliven Bundy's armed insurrection, so it hardly comes as a surprise that his son Ammon should…

6 years ago

We Fought the War on Terror and All We Got was ‘Y’all Qaeda’

15 years of war on terror and the only folks to seize a federal building are a bunch of white…

6 years ago

Roseburg Oregon Protesters Greet Obama With Guns In Hand And Confederate Flags Flying

A crowd of around 300 pro-gun protesters assembled outside the Roseburg airport to protest the President's visit.

6 years ago

Oregon Initiative Is A Blueprint For National Marijuana Legalization

Regardless what one thinks about marijuana use, whether for recreational purposes or for its many medicinal applications, the time has…

7 years ago

Nurse Travels From Oregon To Show Solidarity With Ferguson During Weekend Of Resistance

After a planned Ferguson October event, PoliticusUSA's Justin Baragona was able to speak to Tamara Cottongim, a nurse out of…

7 years ago

Oregon Democrats Hold Commanding Double-Digit Leads In Senate And Governor Races

A poll released by Public Policy Polling on Thursday shows that Democrats are way ahead of their Republican opponents in…

7 years ago

Happy New Year: Minimum Wage Workers in 13 States Will Get Automatic Pay Raise

Minimum wage workers in over a dozen US states have something to celebrate as they ring in the new year…

8 years ago

Republican Grifters Rob Oregonians Blind With Charter School Scam

Two Republicans have scammed the state of Oregon out of $17 million in a charter school scam.

9 years ago

Oregon GOP County Chair Gets the Boot for Claiming Democrats Seek Utopian Enslavement

Gary Bray, Republican Party chairman in Washington County, Oregon, called liberalism an 'atheistic cult' which seeks 'utopian enslavement'

9 years ago

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