Sarah Palin’s Heartland Delusions Go Down in Flames

Celebrity Climber Sarah Palin Doesn't Represent Middle Class

Yesterday our country suffered the breath-taking blow of hearing Sarah Palin announce that she thinks she can beat President Obama when she runs for President. Today, new polling data shows that the majority of Americans do not think Sarah Palin represents the middle class. That would be those "real Americans" Palin is always dropping her "g"s to ingratiate herself with. Apparently they are not as gullible as Palin hoped. So, that would be a no, you can't, Ms Palin, regarding beating President Obama in 2012.

Putting the Republican Messiah on Full Display in Sarah Palin’s Alaska

If ever you wondered if Sarah Palin was indeed the next coming of Christ, her reality TV show proves that not only does Palin own Alaska, but that she is your next Messiah. Special props for the brilliant Jesus propaganda where Palin is backlit angelically with her arms up to the Heavens and music by Christian rock band Third Day calls, “Follow me there!” over and over and over again.

In the Name of The Mother: Palinbots Rig DWTS for Bristol Palin

You Thought It Was Just DWTS, but It's 2008 Redo for the "Country" Vote! Palin for President if Bristol wins. To this end, Conservatives 4 Palin is hosting a vote-a-thon love fest with hints and clues about how to cheat the vote, because nothing says American like robbing others of their place just so you can prove that your chosen one is the most beloved, even if you have to lie to make it so!

TLC Morphs into Fox News While Visiting Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Joe McGinniss is now suing Sarah the pedophile hunter, or rather, the network promoting Sarah's public image as a 2012 candidate, TLC, a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel for invasion of privacy and is demanding to be removed from the reality show over due to "unauthorized videotaped images of Mr. McGinniss which were obtained without his knowledge or consent." Who can miss the irony of "discovery" in this context? Discovery will be had if TLC doesn't back down after infringing upon Joe's privacy rights.

Palinectomy Not Going Well for GOP

Palinectomy not going well for GOP

The GOP’s birther front-runner Sarah Palin is proving quite the problem for the good old boys now that they’ve used her to push the country farther right, thereby handily establishing themselves as the center sane as they begin their domino denouncements of Ms Crazy.

How Sarah Palin Lost the Senate for the Republicans

The finger pointing has already begun in the Republican Party due to their failure to win the US Senate last night. Republicans had a golden opportunity to take control of Congress, but they failed, and the blame for this failure should fall on the shoulders of one person. Sarah Palin's meddling in the races in Nevada, Delaware, and Alaska likely cost the GOP the United States Senate.

The Misunderestimation of Sarah Palin

You don’t understand Sarah Palin if you think that her not acquiescing to requests of an important political figure indicate she is not serious about running for President. While many Republican campaigns are now seeing Palin as the “self-centered” “chaotic” person the McCain campaign aides saw (not to mention Alaskans who know her best), many of them still don’t understand her.

Propaganda Tool Sarah Palin Uses Pat Tillman to Glorify War

Sarah Palin Selling War and Hate

Sarah Palin spoke in San Jose yesterday, where she engaged in her usual faux-military cheerleading speechiness. Never mind that in Alaska Palin was known for being disdainful and disrespectful of many vets who served her, this is a narrative about the great Divider who waves the flag and loves blood, so naturally she has to mix God and war together. In the course of this, she felt compelled to bring up Pat Tillman since he was from San Jose.

Media: Stop Covering Sarah Palin’s Facebook Lies

When this person speaks about policy, please ignore her.

Sarah Palin damns Obamacare to Hell and lies in process. Again. If the media wants to let Palin run another two month end game around sanity, so be it, but I'm not going along for the ride this time. Sarah Palin is a menace to civilized debate and a cancer on the morale of this country. Let the revolution begin: Tell the media to leave Sarah Palin's Facebook page out of our policy debates. Let this be a part of of Stewart's "restoring sanity" rally.

Keith Olbermann Educates Sarah Palin

Today, Palin must have been high on her Tea Party video release, and full of that dangerous combination of arrogance and incompetence, took to twitter to tell the Left off. However, I don't need to tell you that in the process of this she revealed her utter ignorance -- a fact which Keith Olbermann was kind enough to point out to the Tea Party leader.

Mama Grizzly Sacrificing Cub at Dancing with the Stars

Bristol has finally made it to opening night and her mama Sarah Palin will be in the audience, making sure her daughter doesn't become part of that evil "pop culture" Palin blames for our country's woes. And accompanying the Mama Grizzly Pit Bull is tons of security, who have been warned that if security is breached, Sarah is a higher priority than her daughter.

Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin’s Hunting Fraud Exposed

Sarah Palin hunter false image

This morning, Malia Litman (owner of MaliaLitman's "A Rebuttal to the Rogue" blog) alerted PoliticusUSA that she had uncovered a rather large lie Sarah Palin has been peddling to the American public. Litman did an exhaustive investigation which revealed that Palin has been fooling the American people about a fundamental aspect of who she is as a person.