Federal Judge Smacks Down Trump Effort To Dismantle Obama-Era Environmental Protection

On Wednesday, one federal judge reminded Donald Trump that hating Barack Obama is not a good enough reason to ignore key environmental protections.

Anti-Climate Paris Withdrawal Backfires On Trump As His Approval Rating Plunges To 36%

Trump keeps finding new ways to make himself less popular. His latest move of with withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Accord has sent his approval rating tumbling to a new low of 36%.

White House Spirals Into A Civil War After Trump Signals He’ll Pull Out Of Climate Agreement

The fact that there is widespread disagreement and confusion in the White House surrounding the Paris climate accord could signal that Trump may back away from his promise to "cancel" the agreement.

Earth’s Climate Exceeded Its Tipping Point and Nobody Cares

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has stayed above the tipping point and ensures it will never return below it in our lifetimes.

Oil Giant Pledges Major Shift To Renewable and Green Energy to Fight Climate Change

"Sierra Club welcomes Total’s new policy changes to meet the global climate accord and reduce its role in