U.S. And Syria Only Remaining Countries Opposed To Paris Climate Deal As Nicaragua Signs On

Instead of America being aligned with nearly 200 nations across the globe, the United States now stands only with Syria.

America Embraces Obama While Trouncing Trump

"Pres. Obama, Obamacare, Paris Climate Deal, and Iran deal all are supported by majority of county. Pres. Trump is disapproved by majority," Chief Political Analyst for ABC News Matthew Dowd wrote.

Trump Paris Climate Agreement Announcement Delayed Because His Teleprompter Was Broken

Trump's announcement of the withdrawal from the Paris climate deal was delayed for 30 minutes due to an issue with Trump's teleprompter.

In a Blow to Steve Bannon, Trump May Keep Obama’s Paris Climate Agreement

"Trump may remain in Paris climate deal. That would deal a huge blow to Bannon's fraudulent nationalism"

Nicolas Sarkozy Threatens Carbon Tax on US Goods if Trump Cancels Paris Climate Agreement

“Well, I will demand that Europe put in place a carbon tax at its border, a tax of 1-3 per cent, for all products coming from the United States"

Major Corporations and Trillion Dollar Investors Join Obama’s Climate Change Battle

CEOs and investors hail the Paris Agreement as the start of a new era to combat climate change and support the President's Clean Power Plan.