Republican Failures Are Distracting Voters Again With A Secret Weapon

Ohio’s John Kasich and Sam Brownback of Kansas are just the latest Republicans to use abortion to distract their residents from bad policies

Cowardly Americans Tremble In Fear While A Courageous Nun Defends Women

The GOP is opposed to providing for the general welfare of anyone but corporations, the filthy rich, and especially the extremely religious

Hypocrisy Alert: Patriarchal Glenn Beck Says Gay Marriage is About Power

Beck, spokesman for patriarchal control, says "the [gay] agenda is control and the destruction of anyone else who disagrees,"

S.C. Says Constitution Allows Discrimination Against Women So Gay Discrimination Is Okay

The crux of South Carolina's argument in support of discriminating against gays is that if it constitutionally permissible to discriminate against women, then it is perfectly legal to discriminate against gays.

While Stealing Women’s Rights Republicans Pledge Allegiance to Evangelical Christians

Republicans typically oppose women's equality as a matter of course, their non-stop attacks on Planned Parenthood are based on their allegiance to evangelical Christians.

Republicans Use Their Power to Establish State Religion and Steal Individual Rights

There are those who say the mood of the nation toward gays and women's rights are changing for the better, yet the far right is forging ahead to restrict their rights.

A 16 Year Old Girl Was Brutally Raped, But Society and Media Mourn for the Rapists

In this country when a 16-year old girl is brutally raped by promising football players, society mourns their ruined careers and finds myriad reasons to blame the victim.

Defenders of the Steubenville Rape Crew Embrace the GOP’s Protect the Rapist Mindset

The response and support the Steubenville rapists are receiving is typical given the recent attacks on all American women at the hands of Republicans.

The Consequences of Alaska’s Female Sexual Servitude Legislation

Alaska legislation proves that state-sponsored sexual servitude is alive and well. So much for the First Amendment, because all this is 100% religiously based

Republicans Have Awoken A Sleeping Giant And She Is Furious

The Republican war on women has awoken a sleeping giant and she is furious, driven, educated, and will remove these male supremacists from power.