GOP Governors Slash Education To Grow Their Ignorant Base 

Because Republicans depend on "the widespread ignorance of objective reality," their fascist threat to democracy is only succeeding due to the abundance of ignorance and gross stupidity of America's uneducated citizenry. Subsequently, Republicans are building on their success and slashing education funding at a record pace to produce an entire population of stupid conservative voters.

Obama’s Brilliant State of the Union Wasted On Stupid Anti-Government Americans

For the past seven years President Barack Obama has delivered prescient State of the Union speeches that should appeal to the majority of Americans regardless of their party affiliation except for one small detail; he represents the federal government.

Paul Krugman Explains Why Obamacare is a Total Disaster For the Republicans

Paul Krugman of The New York Times pointed out why the increasing ACA numbers are snowballing into a disaster for the Republican Party.

Paul Krugman Calls Barack Obama The Most Consequential President Since Reagan

Paul Krugman argued that although President Obama has been unable to get anything done since Republicans took over the House, "his first two years make him the most consequential president in -- you know, since Ronald Reagan."

Republican Denialism and the Ugly Truth About Income Inequality

"The widening divide in incomes between the poor and rich poses the most likely threat to the global economy over the next decade" according to the World Economic Forum

Today It’s President Obama Fighting For the Opportunities That Dr. King Sought

Today it is President Obama fighting Republicans to give all Americans the opportunities Dr. King sought for people of color, and besides not acknowledging income inequality even exists, Republicans are redoubling their advocacy of Reagan policies.

Economists Agree With Democrats: GOP Hurting the Economy by Promoting Income Inequality

A panel of economists has joined President Obama, and struggling Americans to assert categorically that income inequality is crushing the life out of the population, and holding back the economy.

Natural Born Job Killers: Republicans Are Set to Kill 1 Million More Jobs in 2014

Republicans will be killing 1 million more jobs in 2014, and a new report found that their austerity madness is doing immense long term damage to the US economy.

Republicans Have Grown To Hate America As Much As They Hate President Obama

If you are an American who is not in the richest one percent, Republicans are in a blind rage to decimate the economic life out of you.

Paul Krugman Demolishes the Republican Fantasy that 2014 Will Be About Obamacare

On ABC's This Week, Paul Krugman opened up a can of whoop-facts on desperate Republicans who are desperately hanging on to the belief that the 2014 election will be about Obamacare.

Paul Krugman Fillets Ignorant Republicans For Not Understanding Anything

On ABC's This Week, Paul Krugman perfectly described the Republicans as people who are ignorant on policy who don't understand anything.