Paul Krugman Smacks Down Republican Whining That Obama Hasn’t Reached Out To Them

Paul Krugman smacked down the Republican lie that Obama hasn't reached out to them by pointing out that every time the president tries to reach out, he gets his fingers ripped off.

Republican Economic Ignorance Is Pushing America Off The Austerity Cliff

For the past two years under Republican rule, America relinquished its leadership position to Europe and became a devotee of austerity economics and followed the Eurozone into economic contraction.

Paul Krugman Gets A Taste of What President Obama Deals With Every Single Day

Paul Krugman got a taste of what President Obama deals with every single day during his debate with Joe Scarborough on Charlie Rose.

Bulletproof Left: Paul Krugman Guts the NRA’s Last Shred of Intimidation

Paul Krugman completely gutted the NRA, and in the process became the the latest example of the left's absolute lack of fear of the gun lobby.

The Conservative Obsession with Liberal Media Bias is Right Wing Propaganda

The "Liberal Media", is a tiresome and wholly inaccurate screed that is the centerpiece of right-wing propaganda.

Paul Krugman Stands With Obama, ‘You Don’t Negotiate With (Debt Ceiling) Hostage Takers’

Paul Krugman laid out why the left is standing with President Obama in refusing to negotiate on the debt ceiling.

Paul Krugman Explains How the Recession Could be Solved in Just 2 Years

Paul Krugman explains to Bill Moyers how a spending program could solve the recession in just two years.

Paul Krugman Calls Out Republicans on Their Empty Fiscal Cliff Proposal

On ABC's This Week. Paul Krugman is responded to the Republicans' deficit bluster by calling out their empty fiscal cliff proposal.

Republicans Are Going Off the Rails and Heading Towards Irrelevance

The American people are demand that the wealthy lose their lower tax rates. Instead of accepting this reality, Republicans are going off the rails and heading toward irrelevance.

The Republican Austerity Bomb is the Real Threat to America

Budget negotiation drama is getting more intense as the fiscal cliff or 'austerity bomb' approaches. The stakes for the poor couldn't be higher

Paul Krugman Takes a Flamethrower to Romney’s Lies About the Economy

When the conservative panelists on ABC's This Week tried to push Romney's lies about the economy, they were shot down by a one man wrecking crew named Paul Krugman.

Was It the Day Mitt Romney Lost the Election? Round Up of Reaction to 47% Mittmockle

Was it the day Romney lost the election? That's one of the reactions to Mitt Romney's 47 percent secret video.

Paul Ryan’s Odd VP Selection As a Play for Women’s Votes Through His Wife

So Romney picked Paul Ryan, eh? And at the decidedly unmedia-worthy time of 7 a.m. ET on a Saturday morning. Who’s staffing newsrooms on early Saturday mornings? Well, Clyde, the 75-year-old ex- 6 & 11 p.m. anchorman now doing weekends and still threatening an age discrimination suit if they let him go and ace weekend reporter, Cindy, a former Miss Pickle Festival and recent communications grad from “We’lltakeanybodywithmoney” U. That’s who! And for the sporty types, their attention is still riveted on our highly successful Olympic efforts, Pro football exhibition games and the PGA. Even baseball is starting to get slightly interesting. Then there’s the matter of preparing the kids for their return to school. read more

Paul Krugman Explains Why Obama’s Private Sector Gaffe Wasn’t Wrong

On CBS, Paul Krugman explained how Obama got the phrase wrong, but his point about private versus public sector job health was correct.

Paul Krugman Defies the Media and Calls Out Paul Ryan’s Budget Fraud

In an age when the mainstream media treats fiction and fact as equal, Paul Krugman confronted the Romney campaign today and called the Ryan budget a fraud.

Paul Krugman Destroys Every Republican Argument for Austerity

On Bill Maher's Real Time Paul Krugman went head to head with Arthur Laffer, and destroyed every conservative argument for austerity.

Paul Krugman Debunks Mitt Romney’s Economic Nonsense

On CNN, Paul Krugman called out Mitt Romney today for spouting nonsense about the economy and explained why Romney's plan to do what Greece did won't bring prosperity to America.

Paul Krugman Obliterates the Myth that Low Business Taxes Create Jobs

When Paul Krugman was confronted with the right wing myth that lower business taxes create jobs on ABC's This Week, the Nobel Prize winner pounced a delivered some economic straight talk.

Paul Krugman Labels GOP Argument the Most Dishonest in Political History

Paul Krugman was on ABC's This Week this morning, where he pulled no punches when discussing the GOP's argument against Wall St. reform. He called, Mitch McConnell's argument against financial reform as, "the most dishonest argument ever made in the history of politics, which is the claim that having regulation of the banks is actually bailing out the banks."