Major Republican Donor Warns Trump Will Cause Global Depression If He Wins

donald trump nbc news interview

A top Republican donor is warning that if Donald Trump wins the White House, he will trigger a global depression.

Looking For The Perfect Puppet, Billionaire Paul Singer Invests In Marco Rubio

marco rubio face the nation

Billionaire Paul Singer is trying to buy influence, and in Rubio, he has found the perfect puppet to promote his agenda for the 1 percent.

Chris Christie’s Donors Profit From Transferring New Jersey Pensions to Wall Street

Chris Christie is no stranger to questionable ethics and corruption, and although helping financial institutions profit to the tune of nearly a billion dollars to "manage" state pension funds may not be illegal, it is an atrocity New Jersey residents should be up in arms over; particularly because that is about how much Christie cut from New Jersey's education fund.