Peggy Noonan

Opinion: How The GOP Used Trump, And Why They Can Dump Him And Still Harm America

They aren’t dumping Trumpism, just Trump. Indeed, what some pundits have termed Trumpism is really just what mainstream Republican politics…

9 months ago

More Trouble for GOP as Mainstream Media Debates Trump’s Mental Health

Reactions to an American president who not only says but does things from a position of apparent insanity, can never…

7 years ago

Hypocrite George Will Says the Party He Helped Create Isn’t His Anymore Because Trump

"Trump exposes the GOP as America’s institution of bigotry, dishonesty, ignorance, warmongering and cruelty against the vulnerable and powerless."

7 years ago

Peggy Noonan Says Linking Climate Change and Terrorism Makes Bernie Sanders Look “Daffy”

Despite all the evidence he is 100% correct about the connection between climate change and terrorism, Noonan thinks Sanders sounds…

7 years ago

Ann Romney Melts Down and Tells the GOP They are Lucky To Have Mitt

In a full blown meltdown, Ann Romney lashed out the Republican Party and told them that they were lucky to…

11 years ago