Top Conservative Goes Down in Flames After Declaring a Trump Victory

The Chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, went down in flames while appearing on CNN’s New Day on Monday. He first made the argument that Donald Trump’s loss to Nancy Pelosi was a win because he really got what he wanted. But after being challenged on that ridiculous statement he immediately backtracked and tried to make another argument, saying that the showdown with Pelosi was a political victory for Trump because it showed his followers that he was still fighting. read more

GOP Leaders Are Desperately Trying to Stop Trump’s Shutdown

Republican leaders in Congress are desperately trying to stop President Trump from shutting down crucial parts of the United States government, according to the Washington Post.

On Monday they contacted the White House, asking that the president back off his threat of a partial shutdown if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall. If he doesn’t, hundreds of thousands of federal workers will stop receiving paychecks by the end of this week. read more