Republicans Are Irate That Trump Is Taking Military Money to Build ‘the Wall’

The anger of Republicans in Congress is reaching a boiling point at Donald Trump‘s plans to improperly divert billions of dollars from money that was earmarked by Congress for the military to build his border wall. Trump intends to divert the money using the authority of his questionable national emergency declaration. read more

Report: Donald Trump Has Already Confessed Stealing Inauguration Money

Last night the federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) subpoenaed the financial records from Donald Trump’s inauguration committee.  This is a good indication that the SDNY prosecutors plan to bring criminal charges very soon against Donald Trump, members of his family, and others in his inner circle. read more

Opinion: New Evidence Suggests That Mike Pence May Be Indicted Soon.

The recent bad news for Mike Flynn is also bad news for Vice President Mike Pence, and may mean that he will soon be indicted by Bob Mueller.

Yesterday the judge responsible for sentencing Flynn suggested he was guilty of treason and should spend some serious time in jail.  Also yesterday, one of Flynn’s partners in crime, Bijan Kian was arrested. These events can be interpreted to mean that Mueller is very close to indicting our Vice President. read more

Opinion: Mueller Hints That Mike Pence May Be Indicted Soon

Mike Pence thought he could avoid controversy, and stay far enough away from Trump’s criminal scandals to inherit the presidency after Trump’s ouster. He even thinks that is God’s will.

The problem with this thinking is that it would mean Pence had to avoid not just controversy, but also criminal behavior. But it seems it hasn’t worked out that way. read more

The Main Stream Media is Still Pimping For Trump

Too many media outlets had difficulty attributing the Indiana corporate payoff to Pence and it's a sign they're still pimping Donald Trump as a hero.