Pennsylvania Senate

Trump Is Furious And Blaming Melania Trump For Telling Him To Support Oz

Trump is furious over Mehmet Oz's loss to John Fetterman in the PA Senate race and he is blaming his…

4 months ago

John Fetterman Proves He Is The Right Choice For Pennsylvania In Joy Reid Interview

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA) showed that he is the right choice to be Pennsylvania's next senator during an interview…

5 months ago

Oz Woes Worsen As Republicans For Fetterman Launched In PA

The Fetterman campaign has launched a new ad and outreach to voters called Republicans for Fetterman.

5 months ago

Oz Appears To Falsely Claim That Hundreds Of People Met Him At A Diner After John Fetterman Drew 1,300+ For A Rally

Mehmet Oz claimed that a couple of hundred people met him and were cheering for him at a diner, but…

7 months ago

John Fetterman Blasts Republicans For Blocking $35 Insulin And Vows To Fight Big Pharma

Pennsylvania US Senate candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) aimed at Republicans for blocking $35 insulin and vowed that, unlike…

8 months ago

John Fetterman Creates A Massive Problem For Oz With New Video

The John Fetterman campaign released a new video of Mehmet Oz saying that people are just as happy whether they…

8 months ago

New Poll Finds Trump Is Killing Republican Senate Hopes In Pennsylvania, Ohio, And North Carolina

A new poll from John Bolton's PAC found that Trump is hurting Republican Senate candidates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North…

8 months ago

Trump’s Endorsement May Make John Fetterman A Senator As Dr. Oz Leads PA GOP Senate Primary

A new Fox News poll of the Pennsylvania Senate Republican primary shows that Trump's endorsement has put Dr. Oz in…

10 months ago

Mitch Nearly Ditched: Democrats Lead Enough States To Win The Senate And Dump McConnell

Democrats have already reached an important marker in the battle to take back the Senate. Democratic candidates now lead enough…

7 years ago