Wall Street-Owned GOP Threatening To Take Obama’s Retirement Money Because Of $400K Speech

Even when Barack Obama isn't in the White House, Republicans in Congress are trying to bring him down.

Illinois Gov. Rauner Projects His Hypocritical Conflict of Interest on Democrats and Unions

Over the weekend, Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner assailed state legislators who accept campaign contributions from public employee unions for being guilty of a "conflict of interest." As is usually the case with any Republican, Rauner is guilty of psychological projection as well as gross hypocrisy.

How Koch-Republican Governors Rob Pensions And Slash Wages

Since most Americans are not like the Kochs, Republicans came up with a devious plot to garner support for taking things like good wages, employment benefits, sick leave, overtime pay, and pensions from those that have them.

The Koch Wall Street Crusade To Rob Pensions Is Underway

This is the class war billionaire Warren Buffet admitted his class was winning, and if any American doubted that the Kochs or Wall Street would stop at robbing retired people's incomes to satisfy their absolute greed, they are fools

Chris Christie’s Donors Profit From Transferring New Jersey Pensions to Wall Street

Chris Christie is no stranger to questionable ethics and corruption, and although helping financial institutions profit to the tune of nearly a billion dollars to "manage" state pension funds may not be illegal, it is an atrocity New Jersey residents should be up in arms over; particularly because that is about how much Christie cut from New Jersey's education fund.

ALEC Spearheads Effort To Steal From Employees to Give to Corporations

There is a concerted effort to raid public sector employee pensions to give corporations and the wealthy tax breaks that was the purview of Republicans but is gaining support among some state-level Democrats.

A Trickle Down Republican Assault Is Forcing Americans To Work Themselves to Death

Now that Republicans have most Americans working for poverty wages, they can turn their full attention to those nearing their retirement age, and forcing every American to work until they drop dead.

Rick Snyder Gives Congressional Republicans A Road Map To Killing Your Retirement

Take a long, hard look at what Rick Snyder and turnaround specialist Kevyn Orr intend doing to pensioners in Detroit because it foreshadows Republicans in Congress intent for Social Security.

‘Shared Sacrifice’: Hostess Used Employee Pensions to Fund Itself

While paying millions to its executives, Hostess took the money that was supposed to go into employees' pensions and used it for other things.