Republicans Are Once Again Trying to Hold The Economy Hostage Over Christmas

This Christmas is shaping up like every other year's end since President Obama has been in office, with Republicans holding the economy hostage over the level of damage they can inflict.

Navy Seals Are Not Dominionists’ Rescue Squads

In addition to the mandatory attendance requirements at events sponsored by, and performed on, military campuses everywhere - there are commanders and Pentagon level top brass that intentionally use our presence overseas as a federally funded missionary project.

Obama’s Support for Israel’s Iron Dome Gives GOP Fits of Cognitive Dissonance

Facts crash into belief where Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system is concerned. How could Obama have paid for it when he hates Israel?

Trying to Distract from His Own 9/11 Failures, Dick Cheney Whines About Obama

Dick Cheney is desperately trying to distract from the new NYT evidence against Bush ignoring 9/11 intel by falsely accusing President Obama of ignoring intel, because Obama prefers to read his own intel.

Those Don’t Tax But Spend Republicans At it Again

American defense spending in 2007 alone amounted to just over half of what was spent in the entire world. In 2008 it was close to 70%. It hasn't declined appreciably since. I will ask again: Who is going to attack the United States?