Lindsey Graham Tries To Whitewash His Role In Pressuring Georgia To Overturn The Election

Lindsey Graham Tries To Whitewash His Role In Pressuring Georgia To Overturn The Election

Sen. Lindsey Graham was asked on Sunday if he is worried about facing perjury charges in Georgia and responded by…

10 months ago

Georgia Special Grand Jury Report Destroys Trump Election Fraud Claims And Recommends Perjury Charges

The Georgia special grand jury investigating Trump's possible criminal election interference found that there was no fraud in the 2020…

10 months ago

President Who Told 2,000 Lies During First Year Thinks He’ll Survive A Mueller Interview

The question likely isn't whether Trump will lie under oath during his interview with Robert Mueller. Instead, it's how many…

6 years ago

Opinion: American Injustice – Trump’s Cabal of Liars Will Never Face Justice

The lies from Trump's team would have sent religious Republicans into near-fatal apoplexy if it was a Democratic administration.

7 years ago

Opinion: Donald Trump’s Cabinet Is a Veritable Liars Club

18 U.S. Code § 1621: Anyone, after having taken an oath, who willfully lies is guilty of perjury and shall…

7 years ago

Republicans Rip Off Their Patriotic Masks With Un-American Defense of Jeff Sessions

Republicans have their talking point, and it's that AG Jeff Sessions might want to maybe recuse himself from the Russia…

7 years ago

Watch Jeff Sessions Say That “No One Is Above the Law” When It Comes To Perjury

Here's a clip of that time when then Senator Sessions said on perjury, "No one is above the law."

7 years ago

Opinion: Flynn Must Face Prison And Trump Impeached For Ignoring His Crimes

Trump might not have ‘pushed’ Flynn out had the situation not attracted such attention from the media and an alert…

7 years ago

Prosecutor Admits He Let Witnesses Who “Absolutely Lied” Testify Before Ferguson Grand Jury

In an interview with a St. Louis radio station Friday, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch admitted he let witnesses…

9 years ago

Conservative Groups Lied To The IRS By Failing To Report Their Political Spending

However, many of the groups that the IRS investigated are guilty of perjury for failing to report, or underreporting, their…

10 years ago

Tell the DOJ to Investigate Mitt Romney’s Serial Fraud and Perjury

The Department of Justice cannot allow the miscarriage of justice by any American under any circumstance, and because Romney is…

11 years ago

The Media Won’t tell You About Decades of Perjury Accusations Against Romney

There is a report that Willard Romney committed perjury in his friend's divorce proceedings, and it is not the first…

11 years ago