Phil Robertson Dishonestly Claims Founding Fathers Opposed Federal Disaster Relief

The first federal disaster relief act was the Congressional Act of 1803, “A Bill For the relief of the sufferers by fire, in the town of Portsmouth.”

Phil Robertson Complains About Dishonesty While Endorsing Donald Trump

Phil Robertson has threatened to run for president, because apparently he’s a better solution to nonexistent problems than the guy he is endorsing, Donald Trump. But I don’t think that’s the real story here. The real story is Robertson’s almost incomprehensibly high levels of hypocrisy. It’s breathtaking. read more

Phil Robertson Says He’ll Go Into Hiding if Trump Loses as if Anyone Would Want to Find Him

“If the Republicans and the evangelicals do not get off their posteriors and vote, I think I’m going to head back to the woods and hide out.”

Ignorant Phil Robertson Tries to Prove Jesus Real But ‘Proves’ All Gods Are Real

January is named after the Roman god Janus, the god of beginnings. So he's real too, just like Jesus, according to Robertson's logic

Phil Robertson at Cruz Rally: Rid the Earth of Tolerance

From the grave, an epic smackdown of Phil Robertson and Ted Cruz by James Madison, who reveals exactly what America can expect from a Cruz presidency, that establishment of religion brings only superstition, bigotry and persecution

Republican Presidential Wannabes Gather In South Carolina To Renounce Democrats

A bunch of Republican real and presumed presidential primary candidates descended on Greenville, South Carolina, Saturday. The event was the "South Carolina Freedom Summit."

Despite 1.6 Billion Dollar Budget Hole, Louisiana Is Still Subsidizing Duck Dynasty

Despite the state's economic woes, Governor Jindal has made no plans to cut millions of dollars in subsidies to the Duck Dynasty TV show.

Fox News Has A Meltdown When Dog The Bounty Hunter Hints He’s Ready For Hillary Clinton

Duane "Dog" Chapman threw the four Fox co-hosts of "Outnumbered" for a loop, when he defended Hillary Clinton on their show Friday.

Glenn Beck Says Opposition to Indiana’s RFRA Will Lead to Concentration Camps

The Religious Right is reacting as expected to opposition to Indiana's embrace of religious tyranny - with lunacy and lies

Duck Dynasty Star Fantasizes About Rape And Murder Of Atheist Family At Prayer Breakfast

At a prayer breakfast, Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson fantasized aloud about an atheist family being raped, tortured, and murdered.

Conservatives Tarnish Their Brand Further By Putting Duck Dynasty Clown On Stage At CPAC

In his long speech, Robertson warned that America was becoming sick from STDs and that wherever Jesus is missing, murder follows.

Betty Bowers Looks at the Religious Right’s Best of 2014

Betty Bowers nails Dick Cheney by pointing out that for him, rectal feeding "is just eating through his mouth." That explains a lot!

The Year of Intolerant Liberalism? Not so Much

A Religious Right list of 33 Examples of Intolerant Liberalism in 2014 turns out (surprise!) to be examples of conservative intolerance

Evangelical Vote Crusade Warns: Government Is ‘ISIS Attacking U.S. Christians’

Although the religious right has effectively, through the Catholic Supreme Court, eliminated the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment and wiped out religious freedom of non-evangelicals, women, and non-believers, they are still convinced they are facing an existential threat from the federal government.

Religious Right Calls for Deportation, Sterilization and Holy War on Muslims

Even while WND's Joseph Farah claims there is no difference between CAIR and ISIL, we see Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson embrace ISIL's own policy, that Muslims must "convert or die."

Fumbling Toward War: The GOP’s Foreign Policy of Hate

Republican foreign policy is a tortured and terrifying admixture of religious dogmatism, political ideology, and corporate thirst for profit

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Embraces ISIS’ Theological Mindset

Apparently, ISIS utilizing America's war tactics caught the attention of Robertson and his Christian theology informs him it is time for America to embrace the ISIS tactics and religious ideology, and as a Christian nation issue an ultimatum to the Islamic terrorists to "convert or be killed."

Fox News’ Sean Hannity Treats Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Like He’s An Expert On ISIS

On Tuesday night's episode of Hannity, host Sean Hannity welcomed Duck Dynasty star and renowned homophobe Phil Robertson on the set to discuss the recent developments in the Middle East surrounding the radical Islamist group ISIS.

Republicans Self Destruct By Moving To the Far Right After Cantor’s Loss

Republicans are convinced that tea partiers are enraged that establishment Republicans did not oppose President Obama over the past five years and that now they demand, and Republicans will deliver, unflinching opposition to the President.

Fox News Hosts Classlessly Claim That Bergdahl’s Dad Looks Like He’s A Taliban Member

Apparently, the talking heads over at Fox News have now decided to attack the father of recovered POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl due to the way he looks. It really was only a matter of time.