What Does an Authoritarian Approach to Higher Education Look Like? Ask Trump and Brazil’s Bolsonaro

We can hear the authoritarian echoes in both Trump’s and Bolsonaro’s policies to lower higher education.

Brian Kilmeade and Marco Rubio Agree That Science and Mathematics Have no Real Value

marco rubio face the nation

Kilmeade and Rubio agree that Plato, the guy who founded the West's first institute of higher learning, should have been a welder

Fighting Back the Right: Reclaiming America from the Attack on Reason

This is not an epistle of despair, but more of a secular gospel of hope, and a plan for positive change that can come about only through a revolution in thinking

Mat Staver Says Transgender Rights Will Destroy Objective Reality

Mat Staver's "moral objectivity" is anything but objective, and seems to be based on what he needs to be true in any given situation

Kevin Sorbo – Atheists Are Angry Because They Know God Exists

Kevin Sorbo and Rick Wiles say atheists know God exists and hate him for "judging how they live their life."

Rather Than Turning the Other Cheek, Robertson Fans Want to Slap us for Christmas

But I say to you, do not resist an evil-doer. But If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also. – Jesus of Nazareth, quoted in Matthew 5:39 (NRSV)

The Religious Right’s reaction to Phil Robertson’s suspension is not only what Jesus expected out of his followers, but it has got me thinking once again about the politics of certainty.

I was reading this morning an article in The Atlantic, Our God-Given Constitutional Right to a Television Show detailing the “heart warming collection of affectionate and supportive notes sent by loving Christians” to writer Josh Barro “to save him from his sinful and murderous ways.” Josh Barro had the temerity to pen an article for Business Insider critical of Phil Robertson. read more

Can The Conservative Mind Be Changed?

Accumulating research suggests political beliefs are hard-wired into our biology, so can conservatives change their minds?

Why America Needs a Left

In Why America Needs a Left, Eli Zaretsky makes a case for a 'hard' left, something beyond either progressivism or liberalism

Beware of the ‘Expert’ on Helping Liberals/Conservatives Get Along

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt has been selling the notion that he understands liberals & conservatives, while basically badmouthing liberals