Piyush Jindal

Bobby Jindal Urges President Obama Not To Mention Climate Change On Katrina Anniversary

Bobby Jindal sent a letter to President Obama, requesting that the president not talk about climate change on Katrina's 10th…

7 years ago

Planned Parenthood Strikes Back At Religious Bully Bobby Jindal

Jindal has refused to expand Medicaid in Louisiana, depriving thousands of healthcare, but says Planned Parenthood disrespects human life

7 years ago

They’re Serious: Republicans Actively Calling To Shred the Constitution

The 14th Amendment grants citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil. The GOP want to shred the Constitution to revert…

7 years ago

Thwarted By House Committee, Jindal Imposes Religion on Louisiana by Executive Order

In one stroke of his pen, perversely pretending to be a defender of the First Amendment,Jindal turned Louisiana into a…

8 years ago