Donald Trump Jr. Plagiarized Convention Speech As Trump Plagiarism Epidemic Grows

More Trump convention plagiarism has been uncovered, as Donald Trump Jr. plagiarized part of his speech at the Republican convention.

7 years ago

Tea Party Hero Allen West Caught Redhanded Plagiarizing Recent Blog Post

Former Republican Congressman Allen West, the new CEO of the National Center of Policy Analysis, a conservative think-tank, was caught…

8 years ago

Serial Plagiarist Rand Paul Accused of Stealing the Lawsuit He Filed Against the NSA

The lawsuit Rand Paul filed against the NSA was allegedly stolen. The actual language in the lawsuit is said to…

9 years ago

As His Plagiarism Scandal Explodes a Desperate Rand Paul Blames The Help

Sen. Rand Paul is running of out of excuses. More instances of his plagiarism are being discovered everyday, so the…

9 years ago

Eric Cantor Rebrands the Republican Party by Plagiarizing a 2011 Obama Speech

A side by side video comparison reveals that phrases and ideas in Eric Cantor's speech rebranding the Republican Party were…

10 years ago