Police reform

Sean Hannity: If There is Police Reform, America’s Streets “Will Run With Blood”

Following the killing of George Floyd last summer, there were calls for more police training and reform. The GOP and…

5 months ago

Ohio GOP Governor DeWine Says There’s “Clear Pathway” to Police Reform

The Derek Chauvin case ended this week with the former officer being convicted on 3 separate charges. The case, though,…

8 months ago

WATCH: Rep. Jim Clyburn Explains Why Chauvin Verdict Could “Start Us on the Journey to Reforms”

In the next week, there will be a verdict on the Derek Chauvin case. Historically, police officers have not been…

8 months ago

Pelosi: Republicans Are “Trying to Get Away with Murder” with Police Reform Bill

Nancy Pelosi has slammed Republicans' policing reform bill, which won't ban chokeholds or no-knock warrants. The Senate bill will likely…

1 year ago

Opinion: Alicia Garza and William Barber Explain Why Black Lives Matter is the Ultimate Antidote to Trumpism

Recent polling indicates that an overwhelming number of Americans, close to 75%, support the protests, inspired by George Floyd’s murder,…

1 year ago

Joe Biden Masterfully Avoids Trump’s Trap While Backing Police Reform

The Biden campaign issued a statement where they support the new Democratic police reform bill but oppose defunding police departments.

1 year ago

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