The Revolution is Not Over, My Friends

Conservatives have for a long time controlled the discourse on freedom and liberty, but these are liberal ideals, and we must take them back

The Enemies of Democracy Are Not Threats from Without But from Within

We see demagogues, unregulated capitalism, and might-makes-right. These, as populism, ultraliberalism, and political messianism, are the enemy

Do Not Let Republican Candidates Hide Their Extremism These Midterms

Scott Walker, Sam Brownback, Rick Perry, Rick Snyder, and others, are ideological and religious extremists, and their hate, win or lose, does matter.

Progressive Hatred of the Democratic Party is Misguided

The idea that progressives need to break up with the Democratic Party, that it's "Time to get out of this abusive relationship" is based on a false premise

Another Conservative Plan to Take Their States and Go Home

Loathe what the liberals stand for, meet their agenda with animosity, cultivate a visceral desire to wipe it from the face of the Earth. Hate, hate, hate it with the fires of a thousand burning suns.

Steve King Says if You’re not a Capitalist You Don’t Love America

"They don't like the constitution, they don't love this country, they don't appreciate the greatness of America, they don't think of this country the way I do"

Can The Conservative Mind Be Changed?

Accumulating research suggests political beliefs are hard-wired into our biology, so can conservatives change their minds?

Left-Leaning American Majority Sees Views Consistently Ignored

The mistakes legislators make tend to fall in one direction, giving U.S. politics a rightward tilt compared to what most voters say they want

Fascism Has Taken Up Residence In the Republican Party

According to most scholars of fascism, it historically attacked parliamentary liberalism, and attracted support primarily from the far right/ extreme right. In America fascism is the Republican Party.

There Has to Be Room for Dissent Among Obama Supporters

Harsh attacks by liberals on liberals who disagreed with the President's Social Security proposal seem aimed at stifling democratic dissent

Why America Needs a Left

In Why America Needs a Left, Eli Zaretsky makes a case for a 'hard' left, something beyond either progressivism or liberalism

Why Conservatives are Wrong When They Say Liberalism Will Fail

Conservatives have convinced themselves of libearlism's illigitimacy; now they have convinced themselves liberalism will fail

Studies Reveal that Conservatism is Promoted When People Rely on ‘Low-Effort’ Thinking

Rather than necessarily being pathological, political conservatism is promoted when people rely on low-effort thinking.