WATCH: Fox’s Jesse Watters Accuses Kamala Harris of Promoting “Toxic Femininity”

Joe Biden has had quite a successful start to his presidency. Thanks to a large stimulus package and ramped-up vaccine distribution, the country is starting to get back to normal.

Conservative media has had issues attacking Biden’s performance thus far. Instead, they’ve decided to attack Vice President Kamala Harris. For weeks they’ve claimed that the Vice President is failing at the border. read more

New Poll Shows That Even Trump Supporters Aren’t Interested in his Pathetic New Website

There are basically no social media sites that are willing to let Donald Trump use their platform. So the former president had to take matters into his own hands and create his own platform.

The reviews of From the Desk of Donald J. Trump haven’t been great. Some are calling it a glorified blog. And according to a recent poll from Politico/Morning Consult, even his own supporters haven’t shown much interest in it. read more

Is Matt Gaetz’s Politician Father Using His Pull to Keep Republicans Quiet About His Son?

Matt Gaetz had a quick rise to political success. The Floridian became a Florida State Rep. by the age of 28. And by the time he was 35, he was a ember of the House of Representatives.

The controversial lawmaker had a lot of help in his career, much of it coming from his politician father Don. Don Gaetz is a former President of the Florida Senate. read more

Opinion: What Trump Has Revealed About The Fragility And Strength Of U.S. Democracy

While we can repeat over and over again that Joe Biden was elected president of the United States and will be sworn into this highest office in our land next January 20, for many Americans and even media pundits, it is difficult to say the verdict is in. Nervousness persists, and it is intensely palpable. Just watch the media tracing every little movement Trump and his lawyers make in this drama; and listen as the talking heads insist Biden’s inauguration is a foregone conclusion while within the same breath often posing the question, with a slight tone of worry, “Is there anything Trump can actually do to steal the election?” read more

Rumor: Bernie Sanders Is Angling To Be Biden’s Labor Secretary

When a candidate wins an election, it is typical that they reward the people that supported them with plum positions in the cabinet. Donald Trump made Jeff Sessions his Attorney General and made Ben Carson the head of Housing and Urban Development.

If Joe Biden is to win the election, he will have to fill multiple positions with competent people. And some people are reportedly trying to angle for jobs. According to a new report, one of these people is  Bernie Sanders.

A source close to the Vermont senator told the website that Sanders is interested in becoming the next Secretary of Labor. “ can confirm he’s trying to figure out how to land that role or something like it,” the source says. “He, personally, does have an interest in it.”

Faiz Shakir, who ran Sanders’ presidential campaign, said, “

He’s 100 percent in Joe Biden’s court. We’ve had a good working relationship with the Biden team and I expect we’ll maintain that all the way through.” read more

Report: Trump Staffers Are Furious President Won’t Fire Mark Meadows

In the last two weeks, an astonishing number of people connected to Donald Trump have come down with COVID-19. And the most important person to contract the illness, of course, is the president himself.

While the country is desperate for information about the president and his health, neither his staff or his doctors have been forthcoming with information. And the person responsible for that, other than Trump, is Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

While Meadows job is very difficult, he hasn’t done a good job of earning public trust. And he also hasn’t earned the trust of Trump staffers. According to Politico, the staffers are furious that the president won’t fire his Chief of Staff.

here“>Nancy Cook and Meridith McGraw report:

“His management has left many inside the White House frustrated, including, at times, Trump himself. Numerous White House aides said they feel Meadows has failed to keep hundreds of aides safe, not communicating much about new positive diagnoses within the complex, or signaling what, if any, safety protocols were being adopted during a frightening seven-day stretch that saw the virus race around the administration. The lack of information has bred distrust and low staff morale in a White House already known for infighting.” read more